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The punk life in FFXI

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  • The punk life in FFXI


    Earlier yesterday some ElvF 6B checks and stares at me so I'm thinking, hell... I want to shoot a menchi beam and talk some shit, to gain respect within my Juventus gang! Then suddenly.. my wish came true!

    I walked down to port Jeuno and instantly retaliated to a random check.

    (Burgerdog examines you)
    (Sheila examines burgerdog)

    That punk ass hume called Burgerdog from TheCalm gang was squatting at his usual spot and asking for some trouble.

    My beam was too much for him but he wasn't finished.

    I ain't finished yet, take that!

    After dissing each other's respective race we scrapped it out.

    Punk hume, you will regret this!
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    Re: The punk life in FFXI

    (damn image limit)

    gang respect +1

    russta's menchi beam

    a hungry taru
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      Re: The punk life in FFXI

      that last one reminds me of War of the Worlds lol just picture tarus instead of those machine things lol
      In the moonlight, your face it glows.. like a thousand diamonds, I suppose.
      And your hair flows like.. The ocean breeze...
      Not a million fights could make me hate you, you’re invincible.
      Yeah, It’s true.
      It’s in your eyes, where I find peace.

      [I love you, Rebecca :D!]


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        Re: The punk life in FFXI

        Lol effeminant.

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