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  • Lyrminas's Doodles

    Hey everyone, its been a long time since the last time I've posted!, looks like the last time I was here was 2005 @_@. I have some ffxi related thingers I would like to share =3, hope you enjoy em'~

    Sausage Quest :D

    Anticipating PUP AF3 Body and Hands ( Drawn before they were released XD )

    An old drawing of a friends BARD who no longer plays.

    A cheeze loving fiendstress

    What Galkas really are!

    Princessbubble's BLM :O

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    Re: Lyrminas's Doodles

    I never see Mithra Bards... I wish I saw more now.
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      Re: Lyrminas's Doodles

      yeah i don't think that many bards wear sha'ir gear anymore xD I could be wrong lol. Its all about AF3+2 these days!


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        Re: Lyrminas's Doodles

        I do like the look of the BRD AF3 though.


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          Re: Lyrminas's Doodles

          you get a nice poofy hat!


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            Re: Lyrminas's Doodles

            Hmm... familiar name; unfamiliar art... Ah well!

            Quite lovely, minus the Sausage Quest and Galka Moogle, of course. That's just pure nightmare fuel. :D BLM one has to be my favorite though, she so cute! Distinctive face compared to the other Mithra.
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              Re: Lyrminas's Doodles

              XD familiar name!? what was your ingame name :D ? and yeah after i spent countless hours trying to get pup legs +1 back then.... I had to draw it, I mean thousands of people were feeding this galka! there's no way he's still hungry!