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  • FFXI Misadventures

    I may not have been around for awhile but I know everyone could use a laugh.

    And what better way to laugh than to read FFXI Misadventures? This is an old comic that I originally started drawing back the first time I played FFXI in 2004. I ended up quitting the game, and the comic, for many years but have since rejoined the game and, as of yesterday night and this morning, decided to make two new comics. Will there be more new comics coming? I hope so! I've got some ideas already, I just need to get time to draw them.

    Anyway, if even one person reads this and smiles I will be satisfied. Everyone, please enjoy.

    If for some reason the re-directing doesn't work, the comic is being hosted at: FFXI Misadventures - an FFXI Comic now

    As of this post there's only 17 total, so please take the time to read them from the beginning. While I do try to make most of them stand alone, a few might require reading the older ones to fully get. And I'm still working on the new site, so some of the sections (like characters) is incomplete.
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    Re: FFXI Misadventures

    Tarutaru when they're angry...hee hee hee.
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      Re: FFXI Misadventures

      sweet. been looking for a new ffxi comic since levelup went mia.