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The journey of Soulblade, a FFXI fanfic

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  • The journey of Soulblade, a FFXI fanfic

    All i really want is some feedback i've been writing this for months now and i want to finish it. Some critisism or really just any comments would be awesome, based on Final Fantasy 11 me and my friends characters it will probably help if you know the game, enjoy or hate just comment PLEASE! Will upload the rest and more if people want.

    Chapter one: The dream

    Fire, blood, ruins, death. All of these come rushing to my mind in my dreams. They plague me, haunt me, night after night. The same horrible place, the same horrifying scene lies before me. People clad in shining armor falling, one after another, screaming into the night. Buildings in flames and the red eyes of those monsters, the vile beasts with their long sharp claws and even sharper weapons in hand. I see a Hume, praying for the Gods to save him, a little Tarutaru trying to cure his wife, pleading for her to stay alive, to stay with him. Mithras fighting tooth and nail alongside Galkas fighting to the last, all of them falling in bloody heaps one by one. An Elvaan roaring a battle cry before being cruely cut down beside the already cold body of her lover.

    I lay breathless, unable to cry out, unable to talk, the fear that gripped my soul paralyzing my entire body. A shadow looms and covers the dreadful scene, then a hideous laugh rings out freezing everything in sight. The shadow takes form, it's devil-red eyes burning into my mind. "This is your fate. This is your destiny. Your age will end, and mine will begin." Five figures appear around a man, their faces hidden behind masks with only their unblinking blue diamond eyes showing. They raise their white blades already dripping with blood and I see the man's face...not his is my face. I scream in terror!

    I shoot up in my bed panting and dripping with sweat, "Not the dream, not that again.."
    "Master" the small voice of my moogle calls.
    "I'm ok Venus, it was just a dream."
    "You are going to scare me to death one day master."
    "Just be glad you don't see the dreams Venus. They would scare you to death. "
    I turn over and try to get some sleep and try not to fall back into my nightmare.

    Chapter 2: Rude Awakening

    "Hey! Anyone alive in there? Come on, time to get up."
    A pause.
    "Come on let me in! It's cold out here!"
    "Let her in Venus," I sigh " Then kick her tail when she gets inside" I said just waking.
    Venus giggled, knowing all too well who was outside trying to get in at this time in the morning.
    "VENUS! Hello my little furry friend." the red headed Mithra said as she strode in and cuddled the moogle as she opened the door.
    "Good Morning Trinity." Venus replied.
    "Where is he then? Still sleeping I suppose." she said walking in and closing the door behind her. "Hey come on sleepy head, i'm buying breakfast today, better move. You know the Teahouse gets busy pretty early."
    "Ok, ok I'm up jeez. Why do you get up so early?" I said feeling annoyed at being woken up at dawn.
    "Why don't you ask Felix here.." she said petting my black cat. "He'll tell you all cats get up early."
    "Well housecats lick their butts too, but I don't see you doing that." I retorted.
    "Yeah, you don't SEE me do it" she said sticking her tongue out at me.
    "Thats disgusting."
    "You started it" she giggled.
    "Fine, lets go" I sighed throwing on on some solea, brais, a tunic, and strapping my Lionheart sword to my belt.
    "Will you be ok here alone Venus?"
    "Of course master, be careful and take care."
    "We will see you later." I said.
    "Bye Venus." shouted Trinity as we walked towards The Shararat Teahouse.

    Chapter Three: Breakfast and the call of Home

    "So hey, I was talking to Naja this morning." said Trinity.
    "It's not even morning yet." I groaned.
    "It is to everyone else, just not to you."
    "Yeah yeah, so what was she saying?"
    "She would like to see you in her office as soon as..."
    "Ah and there is the reason I'm being woken up early."
    "Well yeah, kinda, I also want to talk to you about something but it can wait till you are done with Naja."
    "As long as it involves me getting paid I don't mind. She still owes me 25 Mithril pieces from saving that Bastokan diplomat from Nyzul Isle."
    "Well I don't know, she just asked me to fetch you. Better get in there."
    "Yeah, be 2 minutes." I said as I stepped into Naja's office.
    "Soulblade, there you are. What took you so long to get here?"
    "I was asleep Ma'am."
    "At this time? God you adventurers really are a lazy bunch." Oh here we go, I say to myself.
    "You wanted to see me about something?"
    "Yes, you received a letter from San d'Oria. As your employer I took the liberty of opening it for you. It seems some King Detisinen has sent for you."...Take a lot of damn liberties don't you? I say to myself.
    "Destin." I say aloud.
    "King Destin."
    "Oh yeah, whatever, whats all this about?"
    "I don't know, you read the letter you tell me."
    "Don't get smart with me Soulblade. I still own your butt remember that, but I'm being nice today in appreciation of you saving that diplomat. I want you to go back and see what all this fuss is about. Here is your pay for going to Nyzul Isle." she said as she dropped a small bag coins into my hand.
    "Hey, this is only half what I was to get paid!" I say angrily.
    "Well since your going home I'm taking some of your pay for this little vacation."
    "Yes vacation. Enjoy it while you can and here's your letter. Now get out before I change my mind and make you work for a change."
    "Right, thank you ma'am" I sigh.
    "God damn pain in the ass..." I mutter to myself.
    "What was that Soulblade?!"
    "Nothing ma'm, goodbye." I said as I hurried out of her office.
    "God what a nightmare" I said tucking my letter and my meager coins into my pocket.
    "So what was all that about?" asked Trinity walking up beside me.

    "The King has called me to San d'Oria"
    "King Destin?"
    "How many Kings does San d'Oria have? Obviously it's him dummy."
    "What does he want?"
    "I don't know but I'm going to have to go find out. This letter doesn't say anything." I said taking a quick read through it.
    "Hmmm mysterious..."
    "Very, so to breakfast then?"
    "Guess so."
    "So you wanted to talk to me about something?" I asked as we take a seat after grabbing some food.
    "What? don't talk with your mouth full."
    "I said yes. I think it might tie in with this thing about you getting called back to San d'Oria."
    "Yeah. I got a letter from my Sister Liabelle, she lives in San d'Oria, you remember her?"
    "Yeah short, white hair, white tail, very very annoying..."
    "Yep thats my sis." she says smiling broadly.
    "What did she want?" I asked
    "Well she says the Temple Knights are all up in a fuss about something. No one is allowed to walk the damn streets after dark now and it seems there have been rumors of some shady deals going down a the docks. Even that there is a murderer on the loose. Now the shady stuff at the docks is nothing new..."
    "Yeah that'll just be the Tenshodo, we know some of them are still around. Some of them got out of Norg before theFar Eastern armies could get their troops in there but still no sightings of Gilgamesh though. Seems he never made it out."
    "yeah yeah yeah, I know all that but the TK are acting really weird. They are out in Full force and in full battle gear. I think somethings going down with San d'Oria and the Far Eastern Empire."
    "No way. The King wouldn't risk open war without the backing of Bastok or Windhurst, and I really don't think any of them would risk open war, not with the East. Not after they wiped out all of the Immortals of Aht Urghan and every other part of their army in a single battle."
    "We know that would be crazy even with the backing of the Tenshudo and The Knights of Tavnazia, god rest thier souls. Aht Urghan never stood a chance. We saw what happens when the East is opposed, people get hurt. Tavnazia and Norg were both totally destroyed, not a man woman or child left. They would never risk an open war, not after what happened 10 years ago Trinity. No one wants to experience that again."
    "That's where I think you could be wrong. We know the East was in alliance with the Moblins, and with the Kindred of the North"
    "That was never proven, the Moblins saw a chance and they took it."
    "Oh come on Soul. We know it was a set plan. Everyone knew the Duchy would run to the aid of Aht Urghan if they were attacked. The East set up an alliance with the Moblins and the Kindred. The Kindred attacked from Battalia Downs and drew out the Duchy's army. The Moblins strike at the Duchy where they least expected it, in the dark of night, in the heart of their own city. The Kindred gets wiped out by the Duchy's army and the Moblins wipe out the exhausted army as they return. The Moblins get Jeuno, the East takes over Aht Uhrgan and they are both happy... you know I'm right."
    "This only further proves my point about us risking open war with them."
    "Yeah maybe, but the Moblins are digging again and they are heading towards San d'Oria..."

    Chapter Four: Time to go

    "Digging again? Wait, how can you possibly know that?" I asked.
    "Liabelle. She moved back to Kazham a few days ago to get away from all the trouble and she had to go through Jeuno. That's how she knows."
    "Ok, so say they are digging. San d'Oria must know about it, which could be the reason the T.K are out all the time, but they must know they don't stand a chance of stopping them."
    "So the King sends out for his mightiest Adventurers to beef up the ranks hoping that maybe they can be stopped."
    "I'm not that guy any more Trinity, he died 10 years ago on the plains of Battalia. The King knows this, he wouldn't send for me, he knows I wouldn't fight again. He has asked it of me beforeand I refused. I refused then, and I will refuse now."
    "What happened to that 'Soulblade', huh? Why won't he take up the sword for his kingdom?"
    "He died, as Shade did, as Drizzt did, with Seraph, Freyalise, and Genie on that bloody battlefield. I can't watch that happen again, I won't. Even if it means I have to run from the battle."
    "....and if the battle follows you?"
    "I will not fight. War never ends well. I'm happy now I have a wife and a baby on the way, I won't let war take away a husband and father."
    "If this war is going to happen, it will happen everywhere. It will come to every corner of Vana'Diel."


    "I'm leaving for San d'Oria now, you can come if you wish Trinity"
    "Of course I'll come, you'd be dead without me" she grinned
    "Get your stuff meet me at the docks."

    I headed back to my Moghouse to make final preparations.

    "Yes, master?"
    "I have to go to San d'Oria and I want you to go home, to your home. Go see your father and sister for a few days."
    "Really, Master? May I?"
    "Of course, you can stay there for as long as you want. I'll send for you if I need you, alright?"

    I grab my traveling bag, pack some food and water, and remember to put in the carefully wrapped gifts for my wife Kyanna and our soon to be born baby.

    "Thank you, Master! Thank you! Kupopopopo!"
    "Alright, I'm off now that I have what I need. Trinity says goodbye too. You be careful and say hello to your family for me."
    "I will Master, please be careful on your journey."
    "I will. Goodbye Venus"

    I walk to the docks to meet Trinity wondering what the King will ask of me. Wondering what lies ahead.

    Chapter Five: The journey to Mhaura

    I arrived at the docks and showed my official Mercenary pass to the guards. The Sentinels and the Mercenary corp had played a pivotal role in the fall of the Aht Uhrgan Empire, although I was not involved in the battle. I paid the boarding fee of 1 silverpice and walked to the ship, when I was stopped by another guard.

    "What business do you have in the middle lands?"
    "My wife is pregnant, sir. I must go to her to see our child brought into the world."
    "How long have you stayed in the Eastern Empire?"
    "Since before the war, sir."
    "How long have you worked for Naja Sahleem?"
    "Since she generously opened her ranks to we common adventurers, sir."
    "Very well, you may board. Glory to the Emperor"
    "Glory to the Emperor." I replied and boarded the ship.
    "Well I see they still checking everybody out. Hey, did you tell Naja you were coming with me?"
    "No, I doubt she'll notice. I don't check in with her much anyway." Trinity giggled.
    "You are gonna get busted someday, you know."
    "Me? Never."
    "You said something back at the Teahouse about a murderer on the loose."
    "Yeah I mentioned it because he sounds very similar to a man you once described to me. I think you called him Drizzt."
    "No, it can't be Drizzt. He's been missing for 10 years, since we fought the Moblins in Jeuno. He died back there, I'm sure of it."
    "The man matches your description to the hair that same length, the same height and build, even the skull shaped scar on his check and the mark of the Dragoon on his shoulder."
    "But...I mean where would he have been all this time? He would've found me or Kyanna or someone, he would've let us know."
    "Soul, relax and try to get some rest. It might be sheer coincidence, we'll find out later"
    She smiled warmly and that made me feel a little better.

    "Alright, I'm going below to try and get some sleep. Wake me when we are nearing Mhaura. "
    "Will do. I'll be up on deck if you need me."
    "Ok Trin."

    I fall asleep and begin to dream...

    He lies still on the ground, a wyvern flies above him protecting his fallen body. His Drachen armor pierced and dented. His mighty lance broken in two. His face is masked, yet I know this man. He still breathes. He moves, he stands, he calls me to him. I move, but not of my own free will. He tells me things I cannot hear, things impossible to understand. He turns away as a dragon flies overhead. I watch the dragon and now his body is gone, as are the dragon and the wyvern. I see the holy lands of Zi'tah and the great tree in the distance, then I too am gone as I wake to the sound of Trinity's voice.


    I wake to the sound of Trinity's screaming voice, I unsheathe my Lionheart and run up on deck to find trinity battling with 3 undead pirates.

    "What the hell!?"

    I remember my paladin training from my younger days and start to cast a holy magic spell. I launch a bolt of pure white mana at the nearest pirate. It hits it square in the chest and it vanishes, leaving a pile of ash behind. At the same moment Trinity dispatches one via her Great Katana though it's skull. Then 3 more jump over the railing of their ship onto ours.

    "I'll handle these 3 Trin."
    "These look like Norg pirates, Soul. What the hell are they doing still raiding?"
    "Why, oh why, do you think I know the answer to that dammit!?" I shout. "Fight now, we can talk about it later Trin."

    I break into a dead sprint towards the 3 new pirates and slam into the first one, sending it sprawling to the deck. I bring my sword up to deflect a blow from the other pirate's club and knock it off balance, then retaliate with a furious downward blow, hacking off it's bony arm. I take another swing and tear my sword into it's ribcage killing it.

    I turn back to the other and see it standing again with it's gun pointed at Trinity. Not thinking, I throw my sword at it it gets the shot off wide blowing a clean hole through the deck my sword now pinning it to some cargo crates unable to move I turn and smash my fist into the face of the last pirate cracking it's skull. It screams at me and swings it's club at my head but I duck and punch again on my way up, knocking it's head clean off, the rest of it's body crumbling to the deck. I stride toward the pinned pirate trying to pull my sword out of it's back. I wrench my sword free and promptly thrust it into it's head, killing it, as Trinity finishes off the last one.

    The pirate ship moves away from us and falls back, eventually fading out of sight. Only then do we sheath our weapons and rest.

    I pick up the strange gun the pirate had been wielding, it's a very strange model i think to myself, and slip it into my bag for later inspection.

    We arrive in Mhaura...

    Chapter Six: Moblins

    As the boat arrived in Mhaura we could see how much the city had changed. The new airship dock had been built and this once quaint port village had expanded all the way into the peninsula. Now it was almost 5 times the size it had been before the war. The people seemed happy though, so I suppose it couldn't be too bad living with the Moblins. They had become almost like the Tenshodo now, having their fingers into everything.

    "I hate Moblins, Soul. Those masks and those voices really creep me out!" said Trinity as she clutched my arm.
    "We're official mercenary's of the Far East and they are our 'allies'. We'll be fine as long as we don't cause any trouble, just relax."and with that we set off to the airship dock.

    "Hello, we'd like to board the airship to San d'Oria please." I said.

    "Zis airsheep dooz noot go to zandoria, eet onlee gooz to selbinva. Eet will cost you 3 bonzepithees each to ride ze airsheep. I vill also need to zee jour Mercenaree documeents" replied the Moblin.

    We handed over our passes and paid the fee.

    "Veery goot, you may board zee airsheep, it vill arreeve in tvelve minutz" he said handing us back our passes. I looked over at Trinity and could see that she was obviously distressed by the Moblin's talking.

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    Re: The journey of Soulblade, a FFXI fanfic




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      Re: The journey of Soulblade, a FFXI fanfic

      I recently read Beach Music, and I just finished The Great Santini. It would be unfair of me to compare you to Pat Conroy.


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        Re: The journey of Soulblade, a FFXI fanfic

        Least people are reading it, its a nice story, kept me going at work for a bit. should post the rest of the story
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          Re: The journey of Soulblade, a FFXI fanfic

          Chapter seven: To Selbina

          "Trin you have to calm down. Their just Moblins, we are mercenaries they are our allies they would'nt hurt us"
          "I know but they still bother me. Everytime I see a Moblin I think of what could have happened during the war." Trinity stares off into space with the memories of the war haunting her. She stood quietly staring at the sea, while waiting for the airship to arrive. When they boarded she decided to stay below and sleep.
          "You keep watch this time..those pirates packed a wallop and i'm really tired." she told Soul.
          "Rest well Trin, I'll be on deck." Soul answered.
          Trinity found herself back with the Tavnazian Knights and the warriors of Norg in Al Zahbi during the War. She was just a beginner at battles, still fresh from her home in Kazham to defend the Empire. She had never seen a fallen warrior, bleeding and gasping for life before and this day was her initiation into the horror of war. She felt the fear that she worked so hard to repress building up in her and turned it to pure clear rage instead of letting it consume and defeat her.

          Many of her commrades fell to the enemy but somehow Trinity survived. Fighting for her life and her beliefs she cut down the enemy with a ferosity only a mithra can harness sliding her sharp clean katana through soldier after soldier like butter. Somehow, Trinity and the remiander of her unit fought back against the legion of Far Easteners, Trolls, and Mamool Ja, they gradually had to fall back through the city, the streets were littered with the bodys of Tavnazian Knights, Al Zahbi Warriors, and mercenaries that had not fallen to corruption that were in the area when the battle began. Trinity knew that this was only the beginning and that the Middle Lands would soon be in danger as well. Her heart hurt as these truths came to light. Fighting back to back with her dear friend Kaine they battled relentlessly making those bastards from the east pay for every step further they took into that city.

          Eventually they were back to back with the palace walls still fighting thier numbers falling faster and faster but they did not give up they fled inside the palace the few the brave those who would not give up, those with nothing to lose, and those who had been driven mad by the sights they had witnessed they were ready to give everything they had left but they were denied they were told to flee through an escape tunnel in the palace most did the last of the immortal guard a single serpent general and those with nothing to lose less than 50 remained to guard the divine empress 50 to face more than countable thier numbers filled the city it was a brave act but ultmately it was a last act of defiance determined to the last to defy them.

          A single man walked forward and called to the defenders she could hear him clearly as he spoke as she fled

          "Surrender open the gates those of you who remain will be spared if you surrender now do not throw your lives away for a hopeless cause"

          no response came from the defenders

          the next sound she heard was the breaking of the gates screams curses and nothing but death she fled faster as the fighting raged she knew the people above were dying but she darednot go back she could not face the battle again she began to cry as she ran evntually she reached the shore and several boats being boarded by survivors of the battle. she ran faster exhausted but still she ran.

          From behind she could hear the enemy pursuing them determined to cut them down she made it to the boat and turned to see the powerfull Mamool Ja overtake survivers and kill them with nothing but an evil grin she saw Kaine turn to face them as they caught him 20 ft from the boat he fought them as he moved towards the boat he fell to the ground and she saw a sword pierce his gut NOOOOO she screamed as tears streamed down her face she leapt from the boat to help him drawing her sword she fought with an inhuman fury butchering 12 Mamool Ja seeing fear an even thier feirce faces after hearing the very unfeminine sound from her lips and she fought she dragged kaine to the boat as it left shore she prayed for him to live although she knew it was hopeless as she help him in her arms he said the last words words that would echo through eternity and that trinity would remember all her life

          "it's been fun to know you i know i'm not gonna make it trin nothing to hold back or fear for me now so here it is i love you trin for a mithra your not all that bad"

          he began to choke and cough up blood

          "your not too bad for a hume Kaine i love you too"

          they shared a single kiss it lingered a moment the kaine spoke for the last time

          "goodbye Trin its been fun go to my house and you'll find some things there i need you to have *cough* *cough* Trinity i....i.... "

          she cried more "i know kaine i know..."

          and then he was gone all these memories she remembered nothing remained of that battle she wished she could forget it all

          Trinity awoke with a jolt. A single tear still clung to her furry face from the memories that haunted her dreams. She felt the airship beginning to descend and went up on deck to find Soul.
          As they docked in Selbina, Trinity looked at her friend his stern expression. Trinity knew that Soul had witnessed similar experiences and many much worse. He after all was a veteran of war he fought in a much worse battle. A small part of her understood his conviction against fighting again..but the larger part of her could not agree with it.

          Chapter eight: The trip to La Theine

          "We're not gonna make it to San d'Oria before dark. We should make camp at the crag in La Thiene for the night. I'll go get some supplies and meet you at the gate in 10 minutes." Soul told Trin as they showed their papers at the desk.
          "We might not make it to the crag in time, unless I find us some birds...guess that's my job while you do that"
          Trinity went off looking for the Chocobo Stables and found them where a sheep farmer used to be back before the war. A big Galka is the attendant...
          "Excuse me, " Trinity purrs ready to utilize her charm for a cheaper fare, "How much for two?"
          "Well, " the Galka starts looking smugly at Trin,"unless your a Moblin in a kitty suit your out of luck. These birds are Moblin only. No mercs allowed to ruffle a feather."
          "You've got to be kidding big guy. a Moblin on a chocobo? I've obviously been away too long."
          "Couldn't you make the exception just this once? My friend and I have traveled a long way and would really appreciate it."
          The galka looked around to see if anyone was coming.
          "Look girlie, if it was up to me you'd get them and you'd get them cheap," he winked at Trinity,"but I'd lose more than my job if...."
          "Chimmmineys, I neeedz mee choocoboo. Must geet to Zandooria." an approaching Moblin shouted. "Grrrr its Chimmeron you ugly.."the Galka muttered "Getting it now sir," the Galka shouted back.
          "Hey girlie..." Cimmeron turned to see that Trinity was gone.
          Unable to stomach being around the Moblin, Trinity hightailed it out of the stable at the first Mobliny syllable. She met up with Soul at the gate.
          "No bird?"Soul asked.
          "Not unless your a Moblin." Trinity answered grumpily. "Guess we're hoofin it."
          They started across Valkrum Dunes, which hadn't changed much - still white sands as far as the eye could see. As they trekked across the sand in the blistering heat they began to wish they were Moblins.
          "Stupid Moblins, " Trinity said" like they don't have enough power in everything else that they had to take chocobos too?"
          "It is strange..chocobos usually don't allow beastman to ride them.."
          "At least we'll be able to take one in the morning to San D'Oria. I haven't walked this much in ages."
          They entered La Thiene Platuea with the sun just beginning to set.
          "Ok...what are you thinking of Soul?"
          "Seeing my wife and wondering what kind of trouble King Destin is trying to get me into now."
          "I've been wondering that myself...thanks again for letting me tag along by the way. What did you do with Venus anyway?"
          "I sent Venus home to see her family. She deserved the break."
          "Very kind of you." Trin said...wondering how her family was. With the exception of the little contact she kept with Liabelle, she didn't know much about the rest of her family.
          They reached the crag, just as night fell. The started a small campfire and cooking a simple supper. After eating, Soul decided that he would be the first to sleep.
          "But..." Trin started
          "You slept on the ship and I carried all the supplies Trin. It is my turn,"S oul stated simply, laid out his bedroll and situated himself on it.
          "So much for being a gentleman huh?" Trin said slyly as she went to find additional firewood in nearby trees.

          As Trinity searched for firewood, Soulblade dreamed. His dreams were often plagued with the horrific figure of a Demon coming for his soul, or perhaps a nameless battle with faceless people he did not know. But this night was different, for this was a battle he remembered...he remembered it all too well. It was the Battle for Jeuno. Kindred Demons from the harsh Northlands, Moblins from the deep within the earth....he, the Duchy Guard, and his friends.

          This time he saw himself battling Demons on the plains of Battalia Downs, his long time love by his side, as he carved a bloody path with his sword and smashing them back to the hell from which they came with his shield. His love Kyanna fwas ighting by his side tearing through them with an equal ferocity swinging her scythe. A Dark Knight from her childhood, she had walked the dark path when her parents were killed by demons during the crystal war. Now she had another reason to fight, to be with him her only love Soulblade. She had come back to the light when she met him and she could not lose him now. She gave no quarter and expected none in return. Soul watched himself battle alongside his wife as he saw the others he fought with faces come into focus, faces he knew, faces he could not bear to remember.

          He saw a monk fall, Seraph he thought, his body splashed into the mud. He remembered what happened next and did not want to see it but was unable to stop it as he watched from above. Freyalise the Dragoon seeing Seraph fall jumped and descended piercing the cruel heart of the Demon who felled him. She moved gracefully and with power dispatching demons left and right, her wyvern protecting her as best he could. A single arrow flew toward her piercing her wyvern in the heart and knocking it out of the sky. A second arrow struck her leg, she screamed and fell to her knees, looking into the face of Seraph, her head laying next to his as it was cut from her body.

          Tears fell from Soulblade's eyes, he wanted to wake up and end this nightmare but more was to come and he continued to watch helplessly.

          Genie the Black Mage was carving through the ranks of the enemy with fireballs, ice spikes and bolts of lighting. Her magic reserves could not take this kind of battle for much long and soon she was lost to his sight as the Demons surged forward, past the brave Paladins defending the magi of the White Tower.

          The Mages of Windhurst did not last much longer. They had destroyed legions of Demons with their considerable talent but the Demons knew no fear. It was then that the brave Tarutaru gave their all, the fifty or so remaining mages disappeared and in an instant reappeared dispersed across the battlefield. He saw Spirit his long time teacher of the mystic arts smile sadly at him and then in a flash they were all gone forever. They had put what remained of their life's energy into one final spell that was so powerful, it turned Battalia Downs into a wasteland, destroying the more than ten thousand Demons besieging Jeuno in the process.

          Another friend lost, the demons were thinning now and the defenders were not giving up. Eventually the demons began to fall back. Duchy guards on chocobos gave chase and cut them down to the last. Once it was done the defenders returned Jeuno exhausted but elated. The battle had been won. The war; however, was about to be lost.

          Soulblade walked with his wife back into the city feeling drained of energy and ready to drop. Just then screams emerged from below. At first they thought some of the demons had breached the confines of the city, but unfortunately that was not the case.

          Moblins. Moblins had tunneled into Jeuno and emerged in the heart of the city to wrest it from the civilized nations of the world. He ran to the battle with Kyanna by his side and Shade the Tarutaru Ninja. Drizzt the Dragoon had made it back to the city but was nowhere to be found. He did not know to this day where his friend had met his end, if at all.

          Soulblade ran plunging into the ranks of the Moblins and the massive bugbears that were leading the way. He knew no fear as he plowed into them, felling anything that dared cross his path. After cutting his way though more enemies than he could count, he looked around to see it was hopeless. More and more Moblins were pouring through the entrance they had made. A signal was given to retreat, to abandon the city. He raced to Kyanna and they fled to Rolanberry Fields. He saw Shade ahead of them running with the crowd, then turned to see the Moblins behind them giving chase. When he turned again Shade had gone, just vanished into thin air, but he couldn't worry about her now, she could take care of herself. They fled into the dark of Rolanberry Fields and on to Pashow Marshlands, not stopping until they finally reached the Crag of Dem, not knowing how many others made it, if any. He was ready to die of exhaustion at this instant. Kyanna dropped to the ground too tired to continue and Soul saw himself fall beside her.....

          He heard something move behind him and suddenly he was awake. He saw a shadow behind him, he had his sword ready...

          As Trinity was searching she felt a presence and looked around. Nothing. Complete silence. No birds singing or crickets chirping...something was wrong.
          She hauled tail back to camp where Soul was restlessly sleeping, and noticed a shadow closer to the crag. She tossed the firewood she had collected onto the fire and as the flame blazed up, she saw the figure more clearly.
          "Show yourself coward!" she cried.
          "I am no coward" the figure said with a distinct Norg accent. "Shadow is my home..."
          "Save it for someone who's ignorant of Norg Tarutaru. I know what a ninja is.." Trinity answered smartly. "State your name and business."
          "I am Kiara. I was sent here to meet my ally in San d'Oria. No one told me this cursed country was so blasted chilly at night and I was attracted to your fire."
          "Well..."Trinity said with a grin,"the polite thing to do is ask, not sneak up on someone."
          "I apologize...I have not been in company of people for a long time. May I join you?" Kiara said with a bow.
          "I suppose..although I must confess I don't trust you."
          "Understandable...but your kindness is appreciated. I'll be sure that ally compensates you."
          Suddenly there was a thundering noise. The sky full of stars above proved against thunder and Trinity readied herself.
          "Looks like you weren't the only one attracked to our fire".... she turned and was about to yell for Soul to get up only to find that he was already up and ready in a fighting stance, Sword in one hand and a strange gun in the other. Trinity gave him a sly smile and readied herself as the first of a large group of Orcs became visible in the fire light....

          Chapter Nine: The Battle and the journey home.

          Trinity stood in a stance ready to decapitate the first orc who came close enough, Soulblade stood beside her training a gun on the orcs, the Ninja who had just introduced herself also standing ready to fight, that made her feel better and trust the diminuitive Ninja a little more.

          He fired then tucked the gun into his belt and clashed his sword with an orcs he saw trinity come up beside him and make quick work of an orc her katana through it's gut he also saw a small ninja it could'nt be the ninja moved with grace and fought well for a person her size
          he parried another blow from the orcs weapon andslid his sword into it's exposed flank killing it,he saw 5 more orcs and another very large orc the ninja Dispatched one and began fighting the other two, Trinity fighting the other moved like the wind hacking of a leg and an arm of one orc and taking the head clean off the other she rushed to help the small ninja.

          Guess you are mine then he charged the large orc it run to him bellowing a war cry thier swords clashed sparks flew they swung thier swords together Soulblade feeling the strength of the massive orc's swings reverberate through his body knowing this orc was clearly much stronger than he was he thought he may be in trouble, he thought fast but came with nothing the next swing from the orc knocked him onto his back he rolled back twice and came up ready to block another attack instead he saw the gun in his belt he grabbed it quickly and fired the remainign shot in it's dual barrel it punched into the orcs shoulder it faultered in it's run soul raced forward and swung wildly at te orc it desperatly tried to parry the incoming blows with great difficulty after beng shot in the shoulder, grabbing a knife hidden in his belt soulblade let the orc swing again with it's sword he parried and plunged the knife into the orcs side and it roared and dropped it's sword soulbade swung again with his mighty lionheart and took off the orcs head it he looked up to see trinity walking towards his looking around carefully worred there were more.

          he took a step back and then sat downbreathing heavily and asked

          "who's your friend"
          "um this is Kiara"
          the small taru bowed coureously
          "thank you for your help"
          "glad to be of service sir might i share your camp for tonight and journey with you to san d'Oria on the morrow"
          i laughed "it is the least we can do for your aid this night"
          "i thank you sir"
          "you two catch some sleep i'll keep watch"
          "ok" trin answered
          "take care sir Elv lest more of these foul beasts lurk in the darkness"
          " saw you dear ninja i can catch an orc"
          Kiara looked surprised and then smiled and lay down to sleep

          the night was quiet he looked out to the night he saw the glow of the telepoint and remembered again that terrible night he turned and looked to the sky praying war was not coming again

          "Altana protect us...."

          the rest of the night passed without incident as the sun rose Trinity and Kiara awoke they traveled to the newly built chocobo stables at the Ephemere and purchesed 3 chocobos and made thier way to San d'Oria they left thier chocobo's outside and left them to go back to thier stables, they prepared to step into the city and found thier way barred by no less than twenty Temple Knights

          "What is going on here can an Elvaan no longer enter his own home!"
          "who are you and what business do you have in the city of San d'Ora" a guard asked
          "i am here at the request of King Destin and i also happen to live in this city!" he shouted and showed the guard the letter he recieved
          The gaurd read the letter and handed it back to him
          "i apologise sir please enter"
          "thank you"
          he turned to find Kiara gone and Trinity already walking past him into the city he shrugged and walked in behind trinity.


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            Re: The journey of Soulblade, a FFXI fanfic

            Chapter Ten: Rogue...

            As I was walking through the scenic woods of the Mithra Homeland I suddenly felt I wasn't alone. I was reaching for my dagger when a hand stopped me. Out of nowhere a stranger had approched me.
            "Do not doubt your abilities, Rogue, you would not have noticed me until I wished to be noticed." The strange man said. "I come with important information for you.Your king and your sister is in danger. You must go to San D'Oria and stop her death."
            Now I knew that this guy was crazy. I dont have a sister, and before I could say this he began to speak again.
            "You do indeed have a sister. She went with your mother when she left your father shortly after you were born. Your mother feared that your sister would be a weakling child since she was the smaller and weaker of the two of you after birth and fled the Kingdom with her against your fathers wishes. You now must find her and keep her from being murdered. There is a dark dragoon stalking the innocent. Assasins are making plans to dispatch Destin. You must stop these events. Do not take my words as false, do what you must to get to San D'Oria before the next new moon or you will be too late. There is a meeting in San D'Oria between the King, his sons and a few of the kings trusted warriors. The assasin will attend that meeting. You must seek him out and stop his plans."
            Before I had the chance to respond, the stranger was gone. I didn't like being told what to do....but the thought of having family...and a twin no less, was enough to put me into action. I headed straight to Blitz, who I knew could get me the things I needed to go back home.
            "I dont think I can do it Rogue," Blitz stammered.
            "Well I dont care if Altana herself has to do it get it done!" I told the little taru,. "I need those papers now, Blitz! I have to get back to San D'Oria whether Destin wants me there or not."
            "Fine Rogue...I"lll see what I can do.."Blitz walked off muttering as only tarutaru do. He entered the Warehouse where the Tenshoodo had set up shop. Amazing that the Tenshoodo even have a HQ way out here in the Mithra Homeland but they do.
            Normally, unless absolutely necessary, i'm not this bitchy. Being a thief by nature and trade you tend to steer away from hatefulness and temper tantrums because they make you stand out. Unfortunately for me, this case calls for it. I had a dream last night...about the war. Now I know what your thinking...a thief? in the war? HAHAHAHA!
            Well I wasn't always a thief..well i was but not publicly. I've played many rolls to keep my ass out of trouble and to get others out of trouble as well.
            I was born in San D'Oria..and although I might not look it, theres elvaan blood in these veins. Which is why these feelings and dreams I've been having are bothering me so bad. It's been 10 years since the war, and I seldom dream about it. But for about the past week, it been in my dreams...and theres this Elvaan...and King Destin and now this business with a sister. Yea I know what your thinking...crazy old king who can't control his sons. As much as I agree with that he is my king and the ruler of my home country. But what puzzles me more is the Elvaan..I know I've seen him somewhere...he's like an old friend coming to haunt me but I swear I've never met him.
            Anyway, back to the war. My role in the war was pretty simple. I was a spy for King Destin in the enemy ranks. Damn good at my job too til my heart got in the way. I fell in love...with the wrong guy. He betrayed me, made me out to be a double spy and my King banished me from the country I love. But now I have to go back. I just have to.
            I sent Kiara ahead of me to keep an eye on things and to see if she could find my sister until I can make it there. She wasn't too happy about this task but since without me she'd never have even survived this long she kind of owed me. Kiara's a good kid, I found her wandering in Altepa with no memory half dead and with nowhere to go. I'm not sure if her parents are alive or dead but I took her in treating her essentially as a sister. Even though she loves her life as a Ninja, I'm sure she's secretly hoping to find answers about her family in the Middle Lands I know she'll do a good job until I get there. When I arrive, she'll probably go off to find her answers and I'd truely love to help her...but I have to be in San D'Oria before the next new moon.

            "Rogue, I've got what you asked for, "Blitz said breathlessly"my debt is repaid" Sometimes its so nice to be owed. Blitz here didn't know the tenshoodo from a ten knot quipus when I met him but I got him in and now he's repaying me with these papers to get me to the Middlelands.
            "Blitz, if you weren't a taru I'd kiss you. Sorry I got so hateful but this matter is urgent." I take the papers from him and set off on my way. Its gonna take some major traveling to get to the Middlelands. When Destin banished me, his clerics put a spell on me making it where i can't use magic anymore...otherwise i'd just get a teleportation spell and be there ASAP. But no...sigh...leave it to Destin...
            I hop the first Muhaura bound freight ship I can I need to explain something to you. The people of the Middlelands are unaware of the Mithra Homeland shipping goods to Kazham and Muhaura. No one really knows except the Tenshoodo that run the ship and the High Chieftaness in Kazham.And to hide thier prescense, they've got these Pirates who attack passing ships to hide thier passage. I mean really who's gonna look for another ship when theres one full of pirates attacking the one your on.

            On the way to Muhara, the captain says theres another ship and tells the first mate to deploy the pirates. As we pass the ship I hear someone scream "SOULBLADE WAKE UP HELP GET UP HELP ME!!!" why does that name strike me? No matter. Onward to Muhaura! We docked in the cave by Muhaura and I took the secret passage up to Muhara. My how this place had grown! So much had changed in 10 years. A little asking around and I learned that the airship went to Selbina. Perfect. I stowed away in the crew quarters and took a much needed nap.
            I found myself in the Far East...doing my duty for King Destin. My next report was due in by Darksday so I had 3 days to complete it and get it sent in time. I was almost finished with the first page when HE came.
            "Rogue darling....wheres my sneaky girl?" his accent intoxicating me the way it does.
            "Hello Raja. How're things?"
            "Smashing as usual. We're almost ready to invade Al Zhabi. Setting out tomorrow." he smiled and kissed my forehead.
            Panic welled up in me. Tomorrow!! How would I get my message to the king in time?
            "Rogue darling..theres something we must discuss.." Raj smiled down at me warmly and i melted into his arms.
            "Yes Raj?" I asked.
            "Well, Rogue...I sent a report to Destin for you. Giving Details of the attack the Far East plans to make next when the attack begins tomorrow, I'm afraid you'll be labeled a traitor." he laughed evily. "You really must watch what you say in your sleep dear"
            I was horrifyed. I unsheathed my daggers and sliced the man I believed myself to love to pieces. Betrayed by my own heart. And now, lives were in danger because of it. I ran to my mog house and sent my moogle Hermes home to San D'Oria to warn all of his breathren so that they in turn could warn their masters and I took off for the fastest route to home. When I arrived in the Chateau, I was immediately taken to Destin.
            "I had higher hopes for you Rogue. You are banished from San D'Oria and from the Middle Lands themselves. Your service is no longer needed at this time!" His clerics cast their spell removing all my magic and then teleported me away.
            I awoke in a cold sweat. And then it hit me. Destin said at this time when I was banished. Meaning he knew I would return.
            The airship settled in Selbina. I sneaked off the boat and went to find the chocobo stables. Listening to the chatter about me, I learned quickly that only Moblins were now allowed to rent chocobo's from these stablesand my old pal Chimmeron was the caretaker. It was just too easy.As I approached the stables, I pretended to be a moblin..
            "Chimmmineys, i neeedz mee choocoboo. Muzt geet to Zandooria." By Altana he'd hate that. Then I heard "Getting it now sir"

            I creeped into the stable...and saw Chimmeron looking in the other direction. Sneakily i got beside him drew my dagger and poked him not so nicely in the side.
            "Remember me Fathead?"
            "Whothawhat?...Rogue! You scared the ...why is your dagger still in my side?"Chimmeron asked wide eyed
            "So you can say the choco was stolen and not be lying" I grinned at him, mounted the Chocobo and head for San D'Oria at top speed.

            Chapter Eleven: The Homecoming, The Thief, and The King

            After arriving in the city Soul wanted nothing more than to see his wife. Trinity went off to see some old friends and Soul started off for his house. Kyanna would be just short of her delivery date and Soul was nervous, excited and anxious to see her and to be by her side when the baby was born. The thought of being a father scared him more than any battle he had ever faced, but with Kyanna by his side, he could accomplish anything.He stopped just outside the house to see Kyanna through the nursery window. She was so much bigger than when he left. Her pregnant belly and the glow she had about her made Soul love her even more than before. He watched her in awe as she arranged things around the baby's room, a moogle doll that venus had no doubt gotten from her home, some tiny clothes, a small pair of shoes, a rattle and a blankey the color of the sea."Venus," Kyanna said,"If he told you to take some time off why in the world are you home already?" Kyanna laughed and the sound was like the bells at the temple in Jueno to Soul's ears."With the baby coming mistress," Venus explained,"I knew my help would be needed kupo."Kyanna smiled, "Well, your probably right about that."As Kyanna was speaking to Venus, Soul quietly stepped in the front door and was smiling at her when she turned around."Oh! Soul!" Kyanna said with surprise.Soul knelt at her feet. "You are so beautiful my darling""Oh get up you silly." Kyanna smiled,"I can't bend down there to kiss you anymore"Soul stood and took his wife in his arms. They shared a loving kiss, both happy to see one another after Soul had been gone so long.When they ended thier kiss, Soul saw that Kyanna had a tear on her cheek."You're sad to see me?" he asked"No!" Kyanna replied, "These are happy tears, I was afraid that you wouldn't be here in time." She put her arms around her husband holding him as though she'd never let him go.Soul held her too, afraid to squeeze her too tight, when he heard a giggle from the window."Why dont you two get a room already,"Trinity said from the window."This is our room." Soul replied and promptly pulled the shade down in her face.Then he smiled at his wife and kissed her again before heading to the door to allow Trinity's entrance.

            After spending several hours talking with his wife and trinity it was time to meet with the king i took up my armour, my sword, my new gun and headed to the chateau.

            I walk to the chateau with trinity at my side, all i can think of is why i answered the kings call not paying attention i bump into a masked man

            "sorry" i say
            "no problem" he reply'

            we conitnue to the chateau all sides and entrances guarded by what looked like over Half the Royal Knights

            "well this conversation should be fun"
            trinity grins "oh yeah"

            "halt where you are" a gaurd says
            "what is your business here"
            "the king has called me to his side"
            "in that case show me the papers that he must have sent to you"
            i reach for the papers to find they are not where i left them i swallow slowly knowing this will mean trouble

            "Soulblade you have returned" a voice says behind me
            i turn to see Prince Trion walking towards me with his sister by his side
            i bow as does Trinity
            "soulblade you know by now you need not bow to me we have been through too much together for such things"
            i stand
            "enter the king longs to see you"
            "thank you sire"

            we enter the chateau

            "Halver" shouts trion
            "yes sire"
            "please show Soulblade and his friend to the royal chambers with the rest of our guests"
            "yes sire, this way please"

            we are led to a room surrounded by the Cream of the Temple Knights including thier leader Curilla

            We are led inside and asked to take a seat the king will see us shortly, i look around to see a lot of people i recognise some i do not and one who stands out more than any other, the Dragoon from my dream, i sit down with Trinity and wait in silence.

            soon after the king enters with his 2 sons everyone stands
            "be seated please" he says
            "we are all equal in this room, i have called all of you here because you are the best of the best i am proud to see so many of you have come i had expected more of you to answer my call but i salute you brave enough to come"

            "i wish i had brought you all here under better circumstances but it is grave a grave reason that i have called you all here on this day"

            "the moblins sire?" the dragoon says

            "yes Rykoshet the Moblins, as i am sure that many of you have heard the Moblins have begun thier digging once again and they are en route to San d'Oria, we believe they are moving to conquer the rest of the middle lands, starting here, i have called you here to protect this city, this land, our very way of life"

            "but sire" a voice comes from a the crowd
            "how can we hope to defeat the Moblins, they destroyed the entire army of Jeuno in a single battle true they had the kindred demons of the north to help them but they had knights of San d'Oria, Bastokan's and 3 entire Magi corps how can we hope to defeat them"

            "silence! we know all of this we do not wish to again, i call you here because there are things that need to be done, we can defeat this menace from the depths of the earth that is why you are here the army of San d'Oria cannot do this they must protect the city but you loyal adventurers can do this"

            "I ask you to do this for your city any who will help us please follow Halver any who do not wish to please help yourself to as much food and drink you wish and have a safe journey home"

            most people leave the room a few are hesitant to, myself, Trinity, Curilla and the king remain
            "go Trinity"
            "what about you?"
            "i'll be with you shortly"

            she leaves and i stand i walk towards the king.

            "why did you call me here?, you know i won't fight again"
            "i called you here because you will fight, the battle still rages in your mind i see it in your eyes and in the eyes of many others, if the battle comes you will fight. I know your wife is pregnant you will fight for her and your child would you not"

            /sigh "yes i would"

            "A war is coming Soulblade, i need your help, you are strong and wise when it comes to the endgame you will be standing there against the darkness, will you help me?"

            after a long pause i say "i hate to do this Destin, i pledged to fight for this city once before, i will fight again"

            "thank you Soulblade, please join the others"

            as i walk out of the room i notice a shadow near the window it vanishes quickly i ignore it...

            Trinity smiles as she see's me enter the room
            "decided to fight have you?"
            "i'm don't know what i'm fighting for maybe Kyanna, possibly revenge, i really don't know why i said yes Trin"
            "it was the right choice Soul"
            "we'll soon see won't we"

            Chapter Twelve: The Mission, the Stranger and the Danger

            We sat in the room designated and waited for the king to come and reveal to us the task he had set, i could see that Trinity was a little unsettled possibly worried about what we were about to do, i put my hand on her shoulder and smiled.

            "relax Trin, no one is asking you to do anything"
            "you have accepted and that means i have to go along too"
            "yes! you're wife would kill me if anything were to happen to you!"
            "suppose thats true"

            i grinned

            "you can stay here and look after Kyanna, i would prefer you did that"
            "what makes you think she isn't going to come along too?"
            "thats a joke right?"
            "i'm willing to bet high amounts of gil that she'll be coming along, and don't say you would'nt let her because she can argue better than you"
            "she's not coming Trinity"
            "says he who said he would'nt fight"
            "Trinity just grinned happily


            I can't believe I'm actually going to do this" I threw my grapple up onto the chateau and began my climb up. Finally I reached the upper window of the meeting room. This should be the room today's meeting would be in. I slid in carefully, hearing voices below me."How long do you think it will be Soul?" the mithra asked"Not sure, Trinity, He'll probably wait until we are all here to start the meeting" Soul replied.Trinity sighed. Then two figures came through the door. A hume man and a mithra, they had been at the first meeting as well. Behind the followed a taru. As they all found their seats a guard entered the room saying the king would be there shortly.

            Everyone rearranged so that they would be facing where the king would be. Rogue noticed that the hume and the mithra were further back than the others and her insticts told her this was trouble.King Destin and Trion entered the room....Pjeue followed closely behind them. As the King seated himself, the kneeling audience before him took their seats."Thank you all for coming. I have found from my sources that the moblins are planning to surface in Raugemont Pass. Our first task will be to strengthen that area defensively. I will be sending you all there to investigate possible defensive measures we can take. Our taru friend here is a black mage, she will be performing some barrier spells on the Pass and decipher where the moblins will emerge. Soul and Trinity, your jobs will be to find out all you can about the enemies plans. Your ability to travel throughout the land with no suspicion will aid you in this matter. And..."Before King Destin could give his orders to the hume and mithra, the hume had trained a crossbow on him. Rogue jumped from the above balcony and attacked the assasin. T

            he fight was short and Rogue sliced the assasin from grin to gullet. The mithra moved to act on the king but Soul stopped her dead in her tracks with a precise shot to the head . He then turned his aim on Rogue."Move and your a corpse!" Stand down, Soulblade." The king said. "This is Rogue. She was also sent for. Years ago, Rogue was banished for allegations that proved to be false. I have been searching for her for 10 years. One of my scouts finally found her in the Mithra homeland. I was unsure if you would agree to fight for me Soul and I knew that if you would not, Rogue would then be the one I needed.""Then the stranger your highness, he was sent by you?" I asked."Yes Rogue he was. I was unsure if your loyalty would still be to San D'Oria after the way you were treated.""My loyalty would never lie else where my king" I answered and kneeled at his feet, "What is your task for me your Highness?""First, Rogue, you must seek out your sister. I understand she may be in danger. When you are sure she is safe, return to me and I will have work for you to do.""Very well my King" I answered and took my leave.aA

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