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    Re: Taking Sig Requests

    Originally posted by RogueWolf View Post
    Um that's nonesense, just tell me what u want to be, an dhwo u want the char to look and ill good it, could be good inspiration lol.
    Just my personal opinion on the matter. I guess I like having things that reflect my actual "rank" in the game. So if I were to go by that, I would be wearing either Seer's Tunic or Beetle Harness. Not the most impressive, but maybe it could still work.


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      Re: Taking Sig Requests

      Hey RW, I have a pretty specific sig request if you have time for it, if not no worries. I'd do it myself but I don't have a PC capable of running FFXI so no model viewers for me.

      I basically want a spoof of this pic:

      I'm Elvaan Male face 6B I think (this one)

      I'm looking for one with my RDM, BRD, and COR from left to right, in similar poses, /fume, /psych, and /salute should work.

      For gear I'd like:

      Duelist's Tabard
      Duelist's Gloves
      Warlock's Tights
      Warlock's Chapeau
      Genbu's Shield
      Enhancing Sword(if applicable, not sure if it would be in the shot depending how it's cropped)

      Bard's Roundlet
      Minstrel's Coat
      Light Staff
      Mahatma's Slops
      Sha'ir Gages

      Corsair's Tricorne
      Corsair's Frac
      Crimson Finger Gauntlets
      War Brais
      Joyeuse(if applicable, same deal)

      The only text I want is 'Callisto of Ramuh' probably up in the top left-ish area and 'Icy Hot Refreshaz' in Blue/Red/Silver(sort of like my current sig) at the bottom.

      If you could have these 3 standing in Sandy somewhere, maybe with a Red and Yellow Chocobo in the background that'd be sweet.
      Callysto of RamuhCaithsith - 75 RDM / BRD / COR / PLD / WAR / SCH / DRK

      Formerly Callisto of Ramuh. | Retired 5.28.10

      Callisto Broadwurst of Palamecia


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        Re: Taking Sig Requests

        Hm is this tread still active. If it is can i have a sig also please info on my player will be later


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          Re: Taking Sig Requests

          Hope that you are still doing this, if so here be the information:

          Race and Gender:Galka
          Face type:F4 - A

          Head: Walkure Mask (In the model viewer i think its called the Gavial Mask)
          Hands:Jaridah Bazubands
          Legs:Ctr. Cuisses
          Feet:Volans Greaves (Think thats what they are called)
          Weapon: Lance
          Background: Unsure
          Quote: Unsure

          I was thinking that a Wyvern could also be in there using an elemental breath attack.

          Thanks in advance
          "Leo used poop!
          The attack was ineffective!"


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            Re: Taking Sig Requests

            if you got time please create one for me x.x

            Name: Stubbies
            Job: Make me a cute PLD (White armour?)
            Race and Gndr: Tarutaru
            Server: Carbuncle
            Background: Not sure, make it cool? hehe
            make it mesh with the white PLD armour.

            White PLD armour


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              Re: Taking Sig Requests

              Hey, if you still have room feel free to do mine

              Name: Bocaj
              Job: PLD WHM
              My race is Elvaan face 1 with silver hair
              for the pld: Savage Blade in the air
              for the pld: whatever~

              gear: Valor set

              Hope to see one! ^^


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                Re: Taking Sig Requests

                nice work! definitely have a keen eye for mood and theme d('.')b