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AF Quest Not Working ><

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  • AF Quest Not Working ><

    Hey people I have been trying for a few days now to do my RNG af gloves but every time I speak with Guslem or whatever his name is the Galka in Upper Jeuno he doesnt give me the quest to go get the coffer drop in GC. I have left the zone and came back and all he just keeps rambling on about how I have found the gloves and one day he can become a great blacksmith or something but my quest log never registers a new quest in Jeuno. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated

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    Re: AF Quest Not Working &gt;&lt;

    1) Make sure your on RNG when you talk to him
    2) Make sure you have done your AF2 first
    3) uuummm... cake? ;p
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      Re: AF Quest Not Working &gt;&lt;

      Borghertz's Chasing Hands - FFXIclopedia

      "Requirements: Ranger 50+ / Must have started Fire and Brimstone"

      Have you started the hat quest yet? Are you talking to him as a RNG?

      "If you have any other Borghertz's Hands quest active you will need to complete that one before you can start this quest."

      If you have a hands quest active for another job, you have to finish it first.
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      >not having all jobs at 99

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        Re: AF Quest Not Working &gt;&lt;

        Ahh i havent started the af hat yet so let me try that thanks for the speedy replies guys appreciate it

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