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  • Leveling Adventuring Fellow...

    So i just got my Adventuring Fellow Yesterday and im pumped for it but im not sure how to level him (fighting mobs of course) b/c hes level 30 and my Main is 65 right now ,do i have to be a job that is a lower level sor mobs rate as Easp Prey or Above for Zayag (fellow name) to get xp ?
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    Re: Leveling Adventuring Fellow...

    Your adventuring Fellow will gain exp from mobs that would con EP or above to it's current level. So, you can kill mobs at 65 that are Too Weak to you but they will still yield exp to your fellow if they're in the appropriate range.

    For more information on Fellows I'd recommend FFXIclopedia. It has pretty much everything you'll ever need to know.

    Oh, and have fun. I absolutely love my Fellow.