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Beginner's Guide - PLEASE READ!

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    Yamasaki wrote:

    wow a good FAQ for the begineer.
    Extra more a bit ok? Well all the begineer was also aim this goal.
    Lv 18 support job
    Lv 20 Chocobo Quest.
    Lv 30 Extra job quest.-BRD,SMN,RNG,BST,SAM,DRG,DRK,PLD & NIN
    Alot of the information in my guide may seem hidden, but it is there, I Wrote:

    This means that leveling up a MNK will likely just have you switching to WAR once you reach 18 and can do the Subjob quest. Subjobs do not level up, only the main job does, so you must level up the WAR with your MNK or THF as a Subjob to the WAR, so that you can later switch the WAR to your Subjob to finish leveling up to 30; the level you have to be to complete an advanced job quest.
    So, though I didn't list all the Adv jobs and what they were, I tried to let the new player know when they could get an Adv job, and that it really was a long ways off, not something they would be seeing anytime soon.

    Only people who powerlevel will be getting an advanced job in under two months, and those that do get one that quick, though they will probably say differently, lack the experience and great equipment a player that that takes the less hurried path in leveling up.

    Remember, if you don't want to have an underleveled Sub job, you will be getting about 27 levels in between two jobs, just getting to level 18, (18 for main, and 9 for sub which you leveled as a Main job) and then you level another 12 levels to get to 30 and do an Advanced job quest.

    That's 39 levels a player must get to do an advanced job quest without skimping somewhere along the way.

    So Advanced jobs are not really something that a new player needs to have covered in my opinion, and listing them would just have the new player thinking about it, which I don't think is good, since it's not a goal they can obtain within the first few months unless they miss out on alot this game has to offer, just to reach that one goal.

    The Chocobo quest as well, is not something a new player needs to know about. In the time it takes a player to level up to 20 when they can get the Chocobo quest, most players will know what a Chocobo is, what it's for, why they want it, and where to get it. So, not something this guide needed to cover.
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      Thx thats a great help, i b playing very soon, and that has gave me a nice head start on when i get in game. thx again


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        very good guide. i was/am a noob and u just answered a lot of my question, one of witch being macros, i still have a diffacult time understanding them but not as bad as before. if you could send me a like to the place "macros for dummies" i would be very happy....thx again
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            Excellent guide.

            Stickied and modified name.
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              Thank Sweetooth for taking the time to write your guide for beginners.
              I should have my copy of FFXI tommorrow and maybe have it installed by the day after! lol

              I have been looking up info on FFXI in wait for it to arrive and now you have helped me to decide to be the following
              (hope this is as good choice as i think it is)

              START with warrior till i get subclass then.
              MAIN> Thief SUB> Warrior
              I am going to be a male HUME and start in the default town for hume(i forget rite now) so i get my ring!
              i want to learn gardening and crafts too so any nice little beginner tips to accompany ur guide?

              oh and yeah this emicon wanted to show his respect for u

              thanks again


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                Re: Beginner's Guide - PLEASE READ!

                This newb guide is impeccable...superb. Gave me a good picture of the game, and the macro spot was great, lots of people were telling me to learn how before I get the game. Also, does it take three or so hours every time you get onto the game? ACK!
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                  Re: Beginner's Guide - PLEASE READ!

                  Excellent guide, thanks very much. I haven't started yet (purchased content id then found out my laptop didn't have the right graphics card so i'm buying a desktop for it), but when i do this will help me a lot. Mind if i print it out?

                  Oh, and also, i've decided to be a Hume Red Mage, with a Subjob of Blue Mage (i figured that by the time i decide to train a sub job the expansion will prob be out. If it isn't, i'd like white mage as subjob.
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                    Re: Beginner's Guide - PLEASE READ!

                    Nice guide.

                    But, for the record...
                    (and this is just to some of the people who have replied)

                    There IS a difference between a n00b and a newbie...

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                      Re: Beginner's Guide - PLEASE READ!

                      Originally posted by rippel
                      whats the difference between the support jobs and the extra jobs?...i thought the extra jobs were the support jobs..or are you just saying its only quests, not acutally more jobs
                      Support job means you can equip 2 jobs at a time i.e. for me WAR and mnk, it should really be called subjob.

                      The advanced jobs are additional jobs to the 6 standard you can partake and you can only get them by doing quests after you get your first job to lvl 30.