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Regarding "Hacks", "Alt-tab", "Windowed FFXI", etc.

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  • Regarding "Hacks", "Alt-tab", "Windowed FFXI", etc. does not support any hacks towards Final Fantasy 11. These include, but are not limited to, alt-tab hacks, windowed ffxi hacked, or any other hacks, cheating or not. Links will be removed. Constant people who break this rule will be warned. Please do not ask about these hacks. Your thread will be closed, and you may get warning points.

    If in doubt, PM a staff member[List located here]

    In regards to the article "Disable Windows Key" this has been approved by Microsoft for it's operating system and is not considered a hack.


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    Clarification of "hacks" and other "modifications".

    The "disable Windows Key" via the registry is one example which are not considered "hacks" in the definition of an "exploit" or "circumvent of intention to prevent cheating".

    The Windows key is used to open up the Start menu. However, when the windows key is used during game play, it disrupts game play in a way NOT intended by Square Enix Co., Ltd. As a matter of fact, in the recent patches, Square Enix Co., Ltd. rendered the Windows key ineffective for many machines while game play is in progress.

    Furthermore, Microsoft Corp. has provided an advanced user option to disable the Windows key in its knowledge base. In addition to the fact that disabling the Windows key does not allow cheating or gaining an unapproved advantage in the game not intended or is prohibited by Square Enix Co., Ltd.

    This applies to certified system modifications that appear in the Microsoft Corporations' Support Knowledge Base. If Square Enix Co., Ltd. and/or Microsoft Corporation and/or Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (in the case of PlayStation 2 version) certifies, endorses, or publish a "modification" or "option" it is by definition an approved modification (thus, it is not an exploit). These three companies have official authority over their respective software as these software are proprietary.

    That being said, modification information may not be posted here if (explicitly approved modification or applications not withstanding):
    -- by intent or by nature the "modification" or "application" gives an advantage to a player otherwise not available, be it by completing certain game requirements or just prohibited otherwise by the unmodified game mechanics.
    -- Explicitly prohibited by Microsoft Corporation or Square Enix Co., Ltd. or Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (conflicting explicit statements not withstanding) Administrators and Moderators will determine on a case by case basis the validity of a questioned post. The determination is based upon:
    -- the intent and the spirit of the "application" or "modification";
    -- versus the intent, spirit, and letter of the game/system design/mechanics and license agreements.
    And based upon this, the staff we decide whether it will be considered an exploit which is not allowed.

    As a general guide, the determination of whether something is an exploit or not, will lie in the interpretation of the game mechanics and the graphical user interface presented. In such a case of's boards, the staff of shall be the ones to determine such interpretation. If you have questions or concerns or uncertainties, you may ask a moderator or administrator in a Private Message.

    EDIT: Please note that being able to ALT-TAB out is considered a hack that is prohibited. The intention of Square Enix Co., Ltd. (and many MMORPG companies) of prohibiting application switching during game play is to prevent the utilization of unapproved software that interfaces with the game application or data stream. In most cases of such "third-party applications", the intent is to allow the player using the application to gain some advantage over other players.

    However, if Square Enix Co., Ltd. does approve of some applications, then of course they will be permitted to be discussed. Electronic Arts has done that with their online game Ultima Online, as it has a third-party application software approval system. But until Square Enix Co., Ltd. says explicitly that they are permitted, the discussion of such things are prohibited in accordance with their license agreement and terms of service.

    Also, explicit legal binding prohibition has precedence over any implied non-legally binding allow permissions. Hence, despite ALT-TAB being a feature of Microsoft Windows, during Final Fantasy XI game play, you are bound by a legal binding prohibition (Terms of Service) to not do things not allowed normally by the application mechanics.
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