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Read Before Posting A Question!!!

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  • Read Before Posting A Question!!!

    hello ^_^

    A lot of questions are asked every day, and a lot of worthless questions that have been answered on page 2 of this forum have been asked.

    I ask you, out of love from a fellow browser of this forum, that you check if you're question has already been answered before posting it again. Look at the next 3 or 4 pages of the forum to see. Also, if you have a question similar or on the same subject as one that you see has been asked, post your question in the same thread. For example, if Blahblah197 asks something about Bastok Mission 7, and you have another question about Bastok Mission 7, post your question in that thread too, instead of making a new thread. ^_^

    With that, you can save much time and space on the forum. Thank you ^_^
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