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I dug up crap! Now what?

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  • I dug up crap! Now what?

    OK here goes. We've all gotten past the whole proving that there is a digging level, if you don't believe that (not didn't know, don't believe) I'd appreciate it if you take your computer moniter (or tv if you're on PS2) and go lay out on your front yard, and, with the help of a friend, drop the screen right on your face. Now, before you go any further, i want you to go read, or at least skim over this post right here... (I know, I know, don't support alla, but there is no better digging resource than this post)

    Reading this will give you an idea whether or not you have the stones to take on digging. Keep in mind that the number of stacks varies from person to person, for example, I took 10 stacks less than the estimate to get to rank 2, and 40 stacks more than the estimate to get to rank 3.

    My post, however is not of the "here's how you do it, how long it'll take and how much it will cost you" nature. I'm here to tell you that you'll dig up a LOT of crap, especially before you hit rank 2, and with my help you'll turn that crap into not a complete waste of time. A number in parentheses indicates that this is something you need to buy, as in, you won't be digging it up, and I will try to keep purchases to a minimum. The numbers will be what I pay, with my fame. I recomend getting good fame in Windy and Sandy, so that your greens in Rabao and Kazham are cheap, lowest they go is 61; lowest in jeuno is 68. Anything not purchased from NPCs wll be in Valefor prices.

    *note* You'll dig up lotsa pebbles.... not a whole lot you can do with em, yeah they're worthless. If you're dying to not waste anything lvl throwing or something.

    Bone Chips
    I can't remember the last time I went out digging and didn't come back with a stack of these. They're everywhere. Here's what you do.
    Bone Chip*2 + Wind Crystal = 6 Bone Arrowheads
    This will cap at 9. Pretty simple. If you're gona lvl bonecraft as a sub or main, I can't think of a synth better suited to start you off. So you get you're bonecraft to 9 (may sound kinda impossible at first, but trust me, if you're serious about digging, you WILL get enough bone chips) what's next?
    Bone Chip*4 + Distilled Water(12) + Fire Crystal = Gelatin
    This'll cap you at 16. There are 3 lvls of HQs for this. A stack of gelatin sells decent, nothing special. Meh.
    Bone Chip*2 + Rabbit Hide(40 at guild) + Distilled Water(12) + Fire Crystal = Animal Glue
    Cap: 7 Profit: yep... nuff said.

    Giant Femurs
    If you dig in the deserts or in Tahrongi, you'll get these, and in pretty decent numbers too. For bonecraft so far its just been slap a crystal onto something you dug up, but if you want to save well over 50% to how much this next step will cost you if you're gonna continue bonecraft, do this.
    Giant Femur + Ash Lumber(8k/stack) = Bone Pick
    This will get you to 23 bonecraft, and 6 woodworking. If you're concerned about the woodworking, go ahead and make the Ash lumber yourself, you'll even save a few buck by buying logs from NPCs.That synth will cap your woodworking at 8. Another option is to have a high lvl woodworking friend do it for you, as they can HQ a single log into up to 4 lumbers, saving you big time cash.
    Giant Femur + Distilled Water(12) + Fire Crystal = GelatinX4
    This will take your bonecraft to 28 at virtually no cost. Even if you end up tossing the gelatin, which you probably won't because it really adds up, it's worth it for the cheap and easy skill. You can buy the water in Rabao. I used to just sell giant femurs to the npc for a quick couple k after every dig, but this will turn then into big profit items.

    That pretty much concludes the Bonecraft portion as far as digging goes, however if you feel woodworking has gotten the raw deal, take those bone arrowheads you made, add an arrowwood lumber (should be cheap whether you make it yourself or buy or have someoen else do it) and a yagudo fletching, which I understand are also cheap, and if they aren't and im mistaken, take the 20 minutes it takes to farm about 10 stacks and have someone make em or do it yourself(caps at 22, very cheap synth to lvl off). This will give you.. tada! bone arrows, cap at woodworking 9, so that combined with the Bone picks and ash lumbers gets you a start to woodworking if you were needing that.

    Flint Stones
    There are alot of these, in certain areas. More than likely you'll get enough for these purposes.

    Flint Stone*3 + Distilled Water + Fire Crystal = Pebble Soup
    This will make your cooking go to 5. It's easy. Do it.

    Flint Stone*2 + Wind Crystal = 6 Stone Arrowheads
    This will cap at 2, and while, sure, you can make money doing copper ingots(cap at 3), what the hell else you gonna do with thes things?

    Zinc Ores
    Digging in the deserts will bring in lots of these, taking 10 stacks almost always results in 10 ores, among other things.
    Zinc Ore + Copper Ore*3 (9ea) + Fire Crystal = Brass Ingot
    This caps at 9 and it WILL make you money. On my server the price of zinc ores ranges from 600-3k depending on pretty much nothing at all, while Brass Ingots will always fetch over 25k/stack, and can be used to lvl goldsmithing even higher. Once you get it to 9 why not turn some of them into Brass Sheets(11 cap) for even more profit, and maybe even toss a bone chip in with an ingot and a wind crystal for a cornette. Cornettes sell good, especially if your server is like mine and Bastok rarely gets first. Cornettes cap at 14 for goldsmithing and bonecraft, so they can also be used as an alternate route from the gelatin. And look at the materials, its costing you 27gil (crystals aside) to make one, and here they sell for 2k in Jeuno and Windy. Plus, getting windy fame sucks, so why not lvl a craft while gettting it?

    Saruta Cotton
    Competition is fierce, but if you dig in the Sarutas, you can get a reasonable amount of these. You'll need to have a few lvls of clothcraft under your belt, but if you're gonna whine about that... well shutup cause its profitable.
    Saruta Cotton*2 + Lightning Crystal = Cotton Thread
    This'll cap at 11, idk it won't be as easy to lvl this off your digging, but it's possible. after this caps, make linen thread to 17-19 depending on when you get bored, and don't cry about it because, again, it's profitable.

    Yagudo Feathers
    You'll dig up lots of these suckers while trying to get your cotton, if you do that is.
    Yagudo Feather*2 + Wind Crystal = Yagudo Fletching
    Holy crap look at that, didn't i mention earlier that you can use these to make bone arrows? How about that, it's like an endless cycle of digging being awesome. (caps at 22)

    There, I've gotten you to 28 bonecraft, 9 woodworking, 7 alchemy, 14 goldsmithing, 5 cooking and 22 clothcraft, almost completely with stuff you dug up. That about wraps it up. By the time you get all these done, you will be profiting off digging, and you can use it to fund a craft if you wish. This guide can be implemented to help you decide what craft you wanna do, or, if youre like me, it can be used to get you started on all those subcrafts you've been putting off.
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    Re: I dug up crap! Now what?

    Nice guide, Ozy.


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      Re: I dug up crap! Now what?

      Thanks suichi ^^


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        Re: I dug up crap! Now what?

        add in... Bonecraft to 39... Wind Crystal + 1 Femur + 6 Bonechips + 1 grass cloth (which should be back to cheap on any AH) = Bone Cudgel...

        Trade 'em to the nearest outpost NPC, to help add to your nation's Rank Points... or NPC them when you get back to city for about 1400 Gil each, I believe.
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          Re: I dug up crap! Now what?

          this is a really good guide thanks for putting it up.


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            Re: I dug up crap! Now what?

            I didn't go any farther with the bonecraft because I was trying to keep with items that you can just dig up, and last time I tried synthing with an 11 lvl gap it didn't turn out so good


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              Re: I dug up crap! Now what?

              Another suggestions for the flint stones, pebble soup.

              Fire Crystal, 3 flint stones, 1 distilled water. It caps at 5 and is often used as a gp item for the cooking guild.

              Also has a hp regen while healing of +2 so it's not a bad food for the lower level jobs when trying to speed up the resting of that solo period.

              Great guide though. Thanks for sharing.


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                Re: I dug up crap! Now what?

                oo, i hadnt thought about cooking at all, thx for the info, ill slap it in there


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                  Re: I dug up crap! Now what?

                  The nice thing about pebble soup is it is really easy to HQ at ~40(rediciously easy to get to)
                  which adds +1 to all stats, STR, CHR, INT etc. It's like half a level of power at no EXP cost =D
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                    Re: I dug up crap! Now what?

                    I did not realize the stats on the +1 as I usually just end up storing them for easy guild points. Thanks for that info, something worth looking into for when breaking out the lower level jobs.


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                      Re: I dug up crap! Now what?

                      Thanks for the guide i will use this quite i bit!!!!

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                        Re: I dug up crap! Now what?

                        Very nice guide. This is the first I have seen of it's kind for taking that crap dug up and turning it into something useful.

                        Although, this was great:
                        drop the screen right on your face

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                          Re: I dug up crap! Now what?

                          That's my Ozy!

                          *sitcom music*
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                            Re: I dug up crap! Now what?

                            fire crystal + 8 flint stones = glass fiber. caps alchemy at 61

                            i'm saving the dryad roots i'm digging up for my alchemy mule for hi-ethers (its current skillup synth right now)

                            giant femur + walnut lumber = bone knife, caps bonecraft at 41

                            rattan lumber and lauan lumber does make chests which caps wood at 61 but forgot the receipie
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                              Re: I dug up crap! Now what?

                              again, i tried to keep it only with synths that would not require using non dug up items to get the skill for