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    Hi Peeps,

    I hate to admit, but I just dinged 62 Goldsmithing last night and I have yet to turn in an item for guild points. My logic is that as my GS lvl gets higher, it will be easier to generate more income and have that income to spend on things like GP items/materials.

    The alternative is that I should be turning in items for GP as soon as I can due to the smaller cost associated with those items.

    Thoughts please...

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    Re: Guild Points/Items

    Do it as soon as you can.

    Guild items cycle through from lowest skill rank to your current rank. 10>20>30>40>50>60>70 cap then back to 10 again in that order. So yes when the guild asks for low rank items it can be very cheap but for very low points. If you can't afford expensive one, just skip it for the day.

    accumulating 170k can take up to 3 months. Better do it now or they'll not be there when you need them.
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      Re: Guild Points/Items

      Just an update, I took Jei's advice (thanks btw) and started on GP items.

      Shaded Specs, got em!

      Definetly look hip and glad that I've been taking the time to do them.