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  • Mythril

    I'm at the mythril stage of GS leveling and am looking for the most economical way of getting mythril ore. My thf is only 37 for subbing with 67DRK so I'm not sure that I can steal the coins from gobs--can I?

    Advice pls...

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    Re: Mythril

    You can steal them from yagudo zealots, chanters, conquistadors, abbots, inquisitors and priors. Also, any other beastman of that level.


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      Re: Mythril

      When I was doing Mythril, I mainly farmed/mined to get the gil to buy the ore and ect. - Rants and other crap on my mind.


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        Re: Mythril

        I buy ore from the airship shop in Port San d'Oria when we are in first place. Unlimited supply and not too expensive (depending on rank, 1960 gil). I believe that each nation sells them at the port when they are in first place.
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          Re: Mythril

          your right agent. I just get mine from the GS guild but its fairly expensive and most of the time theres multiple people waiting for the guild to open =( i just buy as many as i can before it sells out


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            Re: Mythril

            /wave Xplore ^^

            With Windurst being first on the Fairy conquest, you can get mythril ore for 1950 gil from the airship store in Port Windurst. That's what I'm using right now. I'm not sure about mythril beastcoins though, I've been one to just skip that stage and go straight on to ore >.>;

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              Re: Mythril

              Thanks for the advice peeps! I'm at GS lvl 55 now, working on Hydro Claws. Wish me luck!