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Desynthing a Vir Subligar?

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  • Desynthing a Vir Subligar?

    Any high lvl (95 GS+) goldsmithers familiar with desynthing a Vir Subligar to make Cashmire Cloth? Whats the success rate? I've been told this is a cheaper option for trying to obtain the Sha'ir Manteel, but I'd be uncomfortable knowing that my 8 million investment has a 50/50 chance of succeeding.

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    Re: Desynthing a Vir Subligar?

    Someone on my ls was looking to do this a while ago and after a few clothcrafters had been contacted the verdict was just not to do it cause of failure rate so its prolly around 50/50.
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      Re: Desynthing a Vir Subligar?

      it's clothcraft not goldsmith
      anyway about rate , it's random , i tried 6 subligars and got 4 shining cloths and 2 broke
      then a friend tried 1 subligar and got cashmere
      then someone tried 3 subligars all broke


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        Re: Desynthing a Vir Subligar?

        Yes, the desynth of subligar is Clothcrafting main. I have desynthed 23 subligars total..Lost 3, 14 cashmere, 6 cloth. Get a clothcrafter that knows what they are doing, and you will be OK. Breaking synth is 100% loss. Making the manteel requires gold main in 90s I believe, with a cloth sub. Good Luck!