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Hey, goldsmithers.

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    Re: Hey, goldsmithers.

    platinum ingots are well over a million atm on my server as are gold, u Will use gold during your 50s simply because you lose less gil... in that you can actually sell the items you crafted... Either that or you will have to throw away items/weapons/armor that cost you roughly 20-35k per synth to make, simply because nobody ever buys them (unless they are a gp item of the day)

    silver bangles, spark forks, heater sheilds, all garbage that never sells (heater sheilds are worth over 3000gp each though)


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      Re: Hey, goldsmithers.

      Goldsmithing is rough for the most part im lvl 55 +1 and id say ive prolly spent close to 8-10m to get here, i recently came off a sabatical from goldsmithing cause its so expensive ;; but im not saying that your investment doesnt return cause even at my lvl i can make a gold ingot or two from moblin stuff usually ^^


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        Re: Hey, goldsmithers.

        Gsmithing should never be your first craft, there's just too much room for error. I personally knew of a crafting newb that spent 150m just to get to lvl 70, because he didn't know how to craft. Yeah, that's a correct statement. He started off running a very profitable casino at first.

        For myself, I've been in the crafting game a long time, learned most of the secrets, where to cut corners, how to take advange of situations. I've also leveled gsmithing on multiple mules as well.

        During the height of inflation, I managed to hit 70 from 0, on about 7 million gil, nearly but not completely plvl style. Your cost will directly go hand and hand with your knowledge. By the time I reached 100 gsmithing, I had spent about 110 million gil minus sell backs, and HQ items I made during the stretch.

        Granted, this was my fourth lvl (100) craft at that time, and I studied and finanically planned my path literally for 5 months before I did so.

        Inflation is dead, deflation is happening atm. With that comes lower prices, but also less capital for many people. The down effect is that people will buy less, as there's less gil in the hands of the community. This makes skill up slower.

        As far as 70-80, by today's prices I'd estimate about 20m conservatively, possibly up towards 30m.

        80-87 is relatively break even.

        87-92/93 ish is another relatively large round of loss.

        93-100 is loss again.
        Woodworking 100+3
        Smithing 100+3
        Bonecraft 99+1
        Goldsmithing 100+3
        Leather 100+1
        Cloth 82