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Confused about Fishing game mechanics

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  • Confused about Fishing game mechanics

    I have a question about Fishing in FFXI.

    I am at 13 skill and I went to qufim island cliffs to skill up, I fished for about 8 hours and during that time Almost every cast I got a bite. Then after about 8 hours Nothing would bite at all. I tried several types of lures and bait. I even saw people next to me using the same exact pole/bait and getting bites every time, but I would not get any.

    The question I have is...

    Does FFXI have some kind of code in it to prevent people from using fishing bots for extended period of times, so that even for us that do not use them, we are affected by it? Are you limited to a certain amount of time fishing in one area before you start to never get any bites, or was this just some odd fluke?

    I know that this happened right before a server downtime/game update.

    I am curious if there is some code to prevent a player from fishing for a super long period of time in one spot, will moving to a new area correct this and allow you to continue fishing ?

    Has anyone else experienced this same thing or again, was this just some fluke?

    Today I am back to normal at that area getting bites a lot.

    Kitten-Titan Server

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    Re: Confused about Fishing game mechanics

    Yes, SE introduced "fatigue" to the fishing system. In the past, there was no fatigue period. Later on, soft fatigue was introduced. That was when u fished for a certain amount of time, and you start fishing up next to nothing, or just trash. All you had to do for that was log out or zone to get rid of soft fatigue. Now they introduced hard fatigue. Thats when you can only fish a certain amount of fish, and after that, no matter what you do, you will reel in nothing. Hard fatigue is reset japan time at midnight. Catching certain things will make your hard fatigue come faster. Fish up coarl fragments and you will be fatigued much faster. Fish anything much higher lvl than your current level also brings down your fatigue. There also seems to be a fish limit cap set at around 200 fishes. After you catch that much fish, you will hit hard fatigue and begin catching nothing at all. I know for moat carps, it's 200 carps a day. I've been noticing that I stopped catching anything once I hit 200 moat carps for several days now. The number could be different for other fishes, I wouldn't know.


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      Re: Confused about Fishing game mechanics

      Thanks for the reply. I was certain there had to be something because going from getting a bite every cast to none for 50+ casts in a row seemed verrrrry odd. Thank you for the reply. Ill just have to fish till I cant catch anymore, then actualy go out and enjoy the other aspects of FFXI and dream of fishing when I can once again


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        Re: Confused about Fishing game mechanics

        The only way around this stupid fatigue system (thank you very much SE & Fishbotters) is to have a mule or two set up with fishing gear as well. Before the fatigue thing, I would fish for 10 hours straight whenever my youngest went off to her grandmother's for a weekend. It was great because I found it relaxing after a stressful day of parties.

        I've found it takes me roughly 16 stacks of bait before I hit full fatigue. I still wish we could have a lure that actually works on Moats so I'm not flooding my already crowded inventory with bait.