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Riot Grenades

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  • Riot Grenades

    I am interested in all things related to Alchemy and I have recently become able to produce Riot Grenades. While I have other products which sell quite well I noticed that no one on Asura produces these in any significant quantity. They are cheaper to produce than Quake Grenades (which enjoy a 100,000gil price tag in Jeuno-Asura) and do lightning damage. Unfortunately, I am not yet high level enough to field test these lovely (or not-so-lovely) little bombs and I was hoping that there are some Riot Grenade fans out there who can tell me what they do.

    Without further ado...specific queries:
    1. Are grenades Area of Effect or Single Target?

    2. These grenades include Paralysis dust as a reagent and I was hoping that they Stunned their target(s)--although I won't hold my breath.

    3. The description lists "Additional Effect: Lightning Damage" and I was wondering what the average damage of this effect is on various /check monsters (e.g. Even Match) with or without resistance/weakness to Lightning damage.
    [EDIT: Removed Free synth offer]
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