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    0-6 - Tsurara
    6-10 - Deodorizer
    10-16 - Mercury
    16-20 - Echo Drops
    20-28 - Sairui-ran (Requires cooking skill at 11. This is a profit item, just put in the little cash requires to hit 11. You also can stop flooding the silent oil market, that used to be profitable ^^)
    28-34 - Potion (I know this is a big gap but it can be done, the synth is dirt cheap.)
    34-43 - Vitriol (Use treant bulb recipe)
    43-51 - Holy Water (Dirt cheap after the rusty cap nerf)
    51-60/61/62 - Mixture of Hi-Potions, Glass Fiber(8x flintstone recipe), and Venom Dust.(This is the best way to go about it because of scaracity of the number of resources you'll need. Plus, if you continue Alchemy, you'll need the venom dust)
    This is the method that got me from 0-49 in two days and it worked great. Te Sairui-ran was actually a great, easy recipe for me to make (cooking @50) and will net me anywhere from 9k-14k/stack when it starts to move. Not too many ninjas using this right now, but I have them stored on mules (about 30 stacks x 5-7k/stack). I sold everything else back to vendor/guild to clear inventory space.

    For those who want to power-level, like I kind of did, I went through around 400k to get to 49. Granted I still have around 150k locked up in sairui-ran, and sold most things for a minor-moderate loss. All told, I got from 0-20 in 6 hours of continuous synthing using around 100k, and from 20-49 in 8 hours, using around 300k.

    Synthing in the 20s sucks, period, but it is probably the most profitable item I've made which is why I'm storing them for later sale. Leveling from 28-51 is a cinch...super easy synth with support, with minimal ingredients. I love making holy water, so simple, so easy; during the holy water range I was getting at least a level every ten minutes.

    Good luck to other future alchemists out there! If you're on Seraph, gimme a /tell.


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      I'm 60 now, but am not sure what to use to skill up. Looking at mysterytour, the Ice and Lightning Arrow synths are tempting, but I'm wondering if they're for real. Can anyone confirm these?

      Ice Arrow

      Ice Crystal
      Cermet Chunk 
      Maple Lumber 
      Insect Wing ×2

      Lightning Arrow

      Lightning Crystal
      Steel Ingot
      Arrowwood Lbr.
      Insect Wing ×2

      Lightning Arrow

      Lightning Crystal
      Maple Lumber
      Insect Wing ×2
      Steel Ingot

      Also, assuming they do exist, does the Woodworking cap on the lighning arrows seem to be the same as the one for ice arrows (8)? And is there a similar synth for ice arrows using arrowwood lumber (since there's one for arrowwood and one for maple for lightning)?

      Thanks to anyone who could answer this. ^^
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        These are the items you're looking at post 60 for the cheapest and fastest skillups (I'll let you figure out the skill caps and recipes):

        Venom Dust, Venom Potions, Venom Bolt Heads, Paralysis Dust, Paralysis Potions, Ouka Ranman, Mamushito, Cannon Shells, Paltinum Nuggets, Pannacea, Sun Water, and whatever that lvl 100 potion is called.
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          DO NOT make the ice and lightning arrows. You will lose a crap load of money. For example, the lightning arrows on Fairy sell for 5k gil per stack of 99, but as you can see, one of the ingredients is a steel ingot, which itself sells for 4-5k. But you only get 33 arrows from one synth (assuming you don't get a HQ), so you are losing major gil.

          Edit: Forgot to mention that the reason why the arrows sell for so little is that you can make them more cheaply through Woodworking.
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            Well my Ranger friend wants to try some of my ammunition that I can make with Alchemy and since I am also leveling my Smithing then eventually I wil be able to synth steel ingots. Im gonna take smithing to 30 or 40 for making bullets and elemental arrows. I got to level 51 Alchemy last night, so of the low levels in my LS are currently saving all their Flint Stones for me so once I get a stock pile of those I will stop smithing and return to Alchemy. I'm still trying to get rid of all my Carbon Rods. :/
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              Keeping this near the top.


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                (51) Holy Water - Very cheap to make and good skill raiser
                (58) Cermet Chunks - Expensive investment but you don't lose too much money on the combines
                (62) Venom Dust - Lightning + Ogre Eel x2 - A nice welcome break from the expensive Cermet recipe. Ogre eels roughly 2k a stack on Fenrir so no real tears shed if you fail many combines
                (68) Venom Potion - Water + Venom Dust + Mercury - Use those many stacks of dust you made getting to 62 and if you have any mercury left use that otherwise buy it or farm it. Again, pretty cheap recipe to get you to 68.

                I generally use Advanced Synth Support for all the above until I'm within one or two points of the cap.


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                  This is what I did. I am currently lv96+2 with guild point items.

                  1-6 : Tsurara
                  6-12 : Poison Dust (Yellow Globe)
                  12-16 : Mercury
                  16-18 : Poison Potion
                  18-20 : Echo Drops
                  20-24 : Silent Oil (Slime oil version)
                  24-30 : Eye Drops (Sold to npc for 500 less per stack then AH, max fame helps)
                  30-34 : Artificial Lens
                  34-41 : Potions and/or Prism Powder
                  41-43 : Vitriol
                  43-51 : Ether and/or Holy water
                  51-61 : Hi Potion, Cermet Chunk, Venom Dust (best IMO), Glass Fiber
                  61-68 : Venom Potion and/or Hi Ether
                  68-71 : Spartan Bullet and/or Paralysis Dust (Three Eyed Fish)
                  71-76/78 : Venom Boltheads or Paralyze Potions
                  78-81 : Bloody Boltheads
                  78-84 : Ouka Ranman
                  84-85 : Repair Broken Comp. Rod
                  I had both of the + Alchemy skill items by now.
                  85-91 : Mamushito
                  85-93 : Icarus Wing (Lost alot of money on these but they sold semi-fast and got the job done.)
                  93-98 : Panacaea (Make platinum nuggets to 96 with this)
                  98-100 : Pro Ether and/or Sun Water

                  Granted this might not be the greatest path but its what I did. You can probably find other things to make at certain lvls for cheaper or more profit, depends on your server. Hope this helps.


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                    Can we get this thread stickied please?



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                        Wow, 3.5k for a stack of Beehive Chips on your server? I'm envious ; ;
                        Last time I checked, it was 6k-7k on Seraph in Windy =/


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                          Agreed...there's a lot of great information here. I second the sticky motion.

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                            Originally posted by FFXITsukasa
                            I am most interested in making bullets for myself and other Rangers. The lacking supply of bullets is killing the Rangers of Vana' Diel. I plan to make as many bullets as I can and sell them for a price where I break even and get a slight profit, if possibe, because I have been dying to use my gun and I bet alot of other Rangers wanna use their guns too.
                            Sure, guns are cool and everything, but it says in the guide that bows and crossbows are more efficient. Plus, Rangers back in the Medievel times used to use bows, not guns.


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                              Re: Erm..

                              Originally posted by Zeix
                              Sure, guns are cool and everything, but it says in the guide that bows and crossbows are more efficient. Plus, Rangers back in the Medievel times used to use bows, not guns.

                              and how is that information even remotely relevant for FFXI? last time i checked there werent any airships or Blizzaga III MBs in the medievel times either.

                              Guns are great but expensive until you can get a a hold of an othinsius bow at lvl 67.. Hellfire +1 also work at high lvl which is a gun. Silverbullets have some of the highest damage of all ammo in this game.
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                                Stickied, thread name edited.
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