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Boom baby, I'm back!

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  • Boom baby, I'm back!

    Hope my character didn't get exploded with all the server switches and stuff. Synthetic Syndicate here, the lovely Miqo'te (Even though I'm a guy in real life) I have decided to make a triumphant return to FFXIV in prepartion for 2.0 coming out at the end of this year/beginning of this year. That means I will be farming up a storm and trying to figure out all of the changes that have happened in my absence. I was looking for an LS and totally forgot I was already in this one, so I will be coming to your server. I'm really hoping I won't have to re-roll! Makes me sad. But I'll grind up fast, I promise! Hopefully you will all welcome me back with open arms. :33 Me-ow, look forward to seeing you all in-game and hope this game becomes purrfection!