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Playonline viewer not working correctly

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  • Playonline viewer not working correctly

    Hi there
    new to the game, and new to the forums

    Having recently bought the game for 360 (2008 collection) installed without a hitch, updated the pol viewer, completed registration, linked handle etc, i was presented with the viewer, with the usual crap at the top, handle, date, mail icons...

    But thats it, nothing else, no option to start ffxi
    So i phone tech support, get through to a rather lazy elpoyee who doesnt have a clue, saying its not their fault its mine, and he actually sends me the list of questions he's meant to ask me!

    Anywho, get in touch with another employee and shes a bit better, tells me to re-install the game, so im in the process of doing that now.

    Have i missed something? or was it indeed the installation that mucked up?
    Also, after a while of this blue screen, i get a connection error, but, it lets me send mail, and im still connected to live, and all my other xbox games work, any ideas?

    Also, needing a mentor as such to help me through my initial levels, servers and names please


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    Re: Playonline viewer not working correctly

    PlayOnline worked fine but there was no FF or Choose Game option?

    All I can think of is that PoL glitched up, which it can do that occasionally. I would try rebooting your XBOX and trying again. If that doesn't work, I would just reinstall from scratch.


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      Re: Playonline viewer not working correctly

      Please do not cross post. Closing thread.
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