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Playonline startup problem... Vista ¬_¬

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  • Playonline startup problem... Vista ¬_¬

    Whenever I try to startup the playonline viewer all it does is come to a blacked out window and a message saying "a problem has caused this programme to stop working"
    I've downloaded the special EU version of playonline for vista but nothing has changed. I'm running the playonline viewer as administrator and once again the problem hasn't changed.
    Help.... Again?
    I have also tried turning off the uac and it has not changed anything.
    I dont no what else to do can anyone help?
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    Re: Playonline startup problem... Vista ¬_¬

    Try messing around with the settings on FFXI Config. That worked for me.


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      Re: Playonline startup problem... Vista ¬_¬

      Also, you might not like this, but try shutting down you virus scan and maybe other programs like that except for your firewall. That helped me get through to it with not much problem.
      Thank you very much to Selphiie for this sig!