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Can online poker be considered a video game?

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  • Can online poker be considered a video game?

    It creates a stronger addiction than an usual video game, but it's still a game. So can be gambling considered the same as online gaming?

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    Gambling is considered a game generally, but I am not sure if it can be considered as a video game.


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      It maybe be like you said, in case you are playing on PC. But if you gamble in local casino, I can't say that slots is a video game, slots is slots, there is nothing special, just rotations. Anyway, if you think about playing poker on your phone or PC, we cannot say that it is a video game, it is a poker app, the same can be with slots as well. Moreover, these games are on online platforms, not on playstation. Personally, I play online casino pick 7 itv betting, but I play in on browser through their website, how can it be called a videogame?
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