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Otakon 2008~Chaos in Baltimore

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  • Otakon 2008~Chaos in Baltimore

    Well Hello Folks,
    As some of you may or may not know, this upcoming week is Otakon 2008. Hosted in the great harbor city of Baltimore MD. This is my first year going, and I am excited to the point I took off a year in advance for this thing. So, Just a few things. Anyone from DiV Coming this year? Intrested in meeting up? need to crash somewhere? I was just curious to see whos all going. Last i read from the Site, you can still pick up passes at the door friday for last minute attendee's. If your going, let me know, see what we can come up with
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    Re: Otakon 2008~Chaos in Baltimore

    I will be attending Otakon (fifth year, 03-05 & 07). I mostly just do the LARP, this year I am playing as Sora from .hack//SIGN.
    Chiasmus - 44-WHM 32-DNC 25-BLM 25-SCH 21-RDM 19-THF 19-NIN