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Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival 2006 REPORT

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  • Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival 2006 REPORT

    Please make any discussions about this here.

    For Thursday, March 9th, I got there quite late, at around 8:30 PM. So I couldn't get the iTunes card. A friend told me earlier that the line was VERY long, when I got there it went around on two sides of the building (Rather than the two and then around).

    Waiting in line, I saw the following cosplayers:
    Human Red Mage (in job costume)
    Monk carrying a Kingdom of San d'Oria flag
    somone carrying a Windurst flag

    and of course plenty of people with their Moogle wand that they got. After I got my badge and the items in the Gobbie bag:

    The Gobbie bag is bigger than I first thought, apparently it is backpack sized, and a few of the attendees were wearing them as such.

    Something of note is that they have made a map of the festival tent, and the map format is the same as the in-game display map. A very nice touch to the brochure. I will make a scan of it at a later time. There wasn't much to see, as Thursday is only for picking up the badges, the setup looks very interesting and I look forward to Saturday. (I may be unable to go on Friday because of work. )

    The Pictures have been uploaded to there:
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    Re: Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival 2006 REPORT

    ok i'll report the stuff i've gathered from the 2d day's 1st dev panel (please excuse the quick list)

    + chocobo raising
    - breed/raise your own chocobo
    - can race chocobo
    - anyone can do it, regardless of level, and it was described as like gardening
    - no word on whether you can call and ride your chocobo, but I'd imagine they'd make it possible later on

    + new at urghan MISSIONS

    + Mog Locker
    - a new type of storage that will cost money; a recurring fee
    - requires expansion
    - initially start at 30 and will be expanded to 50 (or more)
    - don't pay fee, you can't access your stored EQ
    - data-converstion and memory limits prevent more expansion of existing mog safe or inventory

    + all jobs will be "re-balanced" after the release of the new expansion
    - got a lot of "warm" reactions

    + new thing called Colosseum where monsters fight monster

    + Beseiged will happen automatically in town. Everyone will join the battle. There is no XP loss, but no XP gained either. "other" types of points will be gained.
    - from playing in the demo, it was really hectic

    + 1st update following expansion release will include the job rebalance, merit point adjustments, new dynamis+limbus areas and the first stages of chocobo raising

    + 2nd update (in the fall) will include more new areas and the introduction of Colosseum. Also another part of chocobo raising called the "chocobo servant"

    some other stuff:
    - questions about the new jobs will be reserved for the 2nd dev panel later this evening
    - they did NOT demo the new jobs. we ran through some areas with basic jobs (lvl 70)
    - the pirate boat can be explored. undead and lamia types all over it
    - some new PVP areas will be introduced
    - they will continue to evaluate the drop rate of abjurations. they fear unbalancing the game if they make it too common
    - some day there will be male mithras
    - there will be solo and <6 ppl quests (i'd assume for xp)
    - sage sundi said it's technically possible to freely move between servers, but made no commitment as to whether or not they will allow it to happen

    I got to play around with the new areas for aht urgan, but the real meat, the new jobs, were no where to be seen; heck there wasn't even any advanced jobs in the playable portion.

    I hope we get to see more later today about the new jobs.

    btw, if any of you attending wants to meet up, I'm a short asian guy wearing a black Kauai cap with turtles.
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      Re: Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival 2006 REPORT

      these are just some "ideas" the dev team has in mind for job changes, not all of them will be implemented.

      quick posting for now, formating and clarification later. here we go!
      oh screw editing, if someone is confused i'll try to respond in here


      try to expand weapon use
      try to encourage wars to use other sj beside /nin
      ability to throw axes


      change so monk is not just punching - something else to help the party
      new ability to boost other PT members HP


      traditionally healer, but other mages have taken over healing; trying to give whm more advantage as healer
      thinking of other ways to involve whm in front line
      new abiltiy to give HP or MP to other PT members
      also ability to cure all bad status at the same time


      ok this part I will edit cause it seems it's causing a lot of confusion. original text is in yellow.
      acknowledged one of the most powerful
      acknowledged that 6 blm can pwn, but not necessary how they envisioned it
      try to make it so they play in regular parties more
      but giving them more spells to "compensate" so it doesn't seem they are picking on blm

      Black mages are very powerful.
      BLM in a manaburn are very powerful, but it was not how they envisioned it to be.
      They want to make it so BLM join regular XP parties more; how, they did not mention
      Will get more spells


      acknowleged very powerful also along with blm
      new spells for rdm


      one of the most technical, ie running back and forth
      trying to add abilities so that the thf abilities are distributed among the PT
      steal might change so that it's not just stealing items
      perfect dodge change it in battle so that it will increase the damage attacking from behind


      acknowledge that pld might take second seat to nin, make more appealing for pld to be first choice for tanking
      making ability to use shield more ofthen that other jobs (blocking)
      more TP gained from shield block


      like for drk to use scythe more often, adding more benefits to use scythe
      not many ppl are using absorb spell, adjust so that there is more reason to use absorbs


      recognized lots of ppl have been complaining about last patch
      reason they believe that bst is a strong job, but don't want to completely undo changes so they will look to do "something"


      seems to play same songs all the time, change it so there are more places for them to use other songs
      a new low level song to increase speed of all the party


      thinking on a way to give rng more damage from last patch
      maybe fix sharpshot so that acc won't change depending on distance
      also increase more types of arrows in quivers


      like to change it so sam can use their TP in more different ways
      new ability to decrease enemy's TP when hitting them


      "the ninja is very strong"
      not going to make nin any weaker
      most difficult thing, need more time to think of what to do


      no plans to change anything, still evaluating impact of lastest changes


      alot of smn will only summon avatars when they need certain spell and then release
      would like to have players keep them out longer so thinking of more benefits
      change so that duration and effect of avatar buffs are calculated based on summoning skill
      increase more abilities for the avatars
      currently no plans for summoning bahamut; reason is they want to keep him as a "special" type of avatar
      if they made him summonable, they'd have to weaken him and they don't want to do that
      more summonable avatars


      acquistion - only new spells if blue mage is main job
      - to obtain new spell have to defeat monster that using that spell
      - only able to learn spell only if within a certain level from the monster
      - only learn spells from monsters that give xp
      - no learning spell if dead
      - can't learn every ability from monsters, but will have an inital amount with updates opening up more abilities
      setting spells
      - after learning ability from monster, have to set it
      - each spell will have a certain amount of setup points and blue mage will have a certain number of setup points
      - can only set spells limited to setup points and max number can set per level
      - all blue magic will depend on monster learned from and monster cast on; mob vs mob weakness will affect acc and strength
      - can be used in skillchains and magic bursts


      - a random effect based on numbers will affect monsters
      - drawing cards; after drawing one card you can use another on top of the other
      - if you add up to 11 you get best effec
      - if you go over, you bust and might get negative effect
      - depends on other jobs in the PT, ie WAR double attack bonus, BLM magic attack bonus
      - card shot, one of 8 types of card used with gun will change the attack of gun to a magic attack
      - can strengthen debuffs like dia
      - ability to lower recast time of spells

      Double Post Edited:
      from the QA session:
      Q: how does treasure hunter work?
      A: ehhh... if he tells you too much, when he gets back to japan, he'll be dead. but not last strike. as long as thf in group, PT will feel the effects

      Q: are they going to add utsu 3
      A: it's on the table but still in the thinking process

      Q: are there any plans to address other burn type parties
      A: currently no plans. when certain parties destroy the balance of the game, they want to change it; that's why they are changing blm

      Q: throwing weaponskills
      A: take that suggestion back to JP

      Q: will PLD be able to use other sj beside /war
      A: are thinking of changes so jobs are more flexible with subjobs

      Q: will there be more "armor" for females
      A: /laughter Good idea, will take it back to japan

      Q: SMN, NIN and DRG don't have AOE will corsair or bluemage have AOE and will the previous 3 get AOE
      A: alot of blue magic is AOE, but no plans for corsair to get AOE. will take AOE idea for nin, smn and drg back to japan

      Q: are they gonna change it so that it's more easier to learn the story of all the nations
      A: they want to give ppl incentive to do the conquests, etc but if enough interest they will consider it

      Q: what kind of enmity will the new whm ability to give HP/MP have
      A: there will be enmity, but it won't be so much. don't worry

      Q: does charisma affect provoke?
      A: "nothing to do with it"

      Q: smn hard to get pt, also used as main healer. why don't they have AOE mp refresh
      A: take that idea back to JP

      Q: will it be possible to join jeuno as a nation?
      A: no plans currently, but some surprises in aht urgan

      Q: why is PLD invincible still vulnerable to magic
      A: no plans to make invincible to magic because it works as designed

      Q: any plans to give whm ability to drain hp from and give to PT
      A: drk has ability to absorb hp so they don't want to give that to other jobs. they want to keep the jobs seperate.

      Double Post Edited:
      New Job is PUPPET MASTER (has a doll of some kind) in red and black af!

      Double Post Edited:
      cerebus and odin were introduced in the final video
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        discuss news from fan festival

        news is posted in the sticky thread:

        if you have questions about stuff there, I'll try to answer if I can (don't have constant internet access).

        Thanks Yyg!


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          Re: discuss news from fan festival

          Love the news about potential changes to RNG. (Already made a new thread about it). I'm really curious to know wtf a Puppet Master is and how its going to be different from other jobs.
          Did the intro of cerebus and odin look like summonable avatars? Or more like Bahamut in CoP?
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            Re: at the FFXI Fan Festival 2006

            it was just a quick cutscense with cerebus and odin. no indication that it's summonable.

            btw my camera is teh suck so no pics from me (all blurry in this dark room). i'm sure others will have pics up soon enough.

            also i'll be up in the media booth on the next dev panel on saturday. drop by the xbox room and just holler, i'll poke my head up from my laptop.

            Thanks Yyg!


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              Re: at the FFXI Fan Festival 2006

              How big are they? Do they look like their FF8 counterparts or otherwise?


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                Re: at the FFXI Fan Festival 2006

                no idea of size. it was just a bust shot, but they do resemble their ff8 counterparts

                Thanks Yyg!


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                  Re: at the FFXI Fan Festival 2006

                  Lol neighbor, I didn't realize it was still going on. You're a trooper. I just figured you took notes and came back and typed them up.
                  I do feel bad for all the blm's though. Hope its not so overkill like the last big one.
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                    Re: at the FFXI Fan Festival 2006

                    heh, i can imagine the KI blm boards now...

                    Thanks Yyg!


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                      Re: at the FFXI Fan Festival 2006

                      Wish the filter at work didn't block them. I'm sure they're hilarious right now.
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                        Re: at the FFXI Fan Festival 2006


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                          Re: at the FFXI Fan Festival 2006


                          This one is of besieged and a BLU going serk on some new slime-ish type mob in a place that looks like Ifrit's Cauldron, AND OMG PUPPETMASTER! (click the images on side to flip between vids)

                          Same puppetmaster vid, but on IGN and at better angle

                          Official trailer clip

                          Full trailer, IGN again
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                          IS DOUKUTSU MONOGATARI NOT AWESOME?


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                            Re: at the FFXI Fan Festival 2006


                            Wow people get geeky when grouped together and watch FFXI.


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                              Re: at the FFXI Fan Festival 2006

                              I just realized at the end of the trailer... odin ._.

                              IS DOUKUTSU MONOGATARI NOT AWESOME?