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MSMPENG draining memory and really slow.

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  • MSMPENG draining memory and really slow.

    how do I get rid of it? I have been using Microsfot security essentials, malware bytes anti-malware, and super santispyware freeware edition but in the bottom right task thingies, there are no icons except volume.

    So where is this MSMPENG.exe thingy comparing from? service pack 1 and 3??? >.< And if I close it in the task manager, the PC can't run anymore and shuts down.

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    Re: MSMPENG draining memory and really slow.

    I'm feeling lazy so I'm just going to link you to some relevant articles and let you blow up your computer on your own.

    msmpeng.exe - What is msmpeng.exe?
    Why is MsMpEng.exe using so much CPU?
    What is msmpeng.exe and how to remove it

    Looks like it's Windows Malware Protection so it isn't malicious, just resource hogging.
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      Re: MSMPENG draining memory and really slow.

      I have windows defender? where is it found? >.> how do I open windows defender to stop those scans?

      do I go run > browse? what is the program file to start the program and change its settings?

      How do I search for it with search option? dont see it in program files.

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      oh I dont even have winders defender. antimalware program was causing that file to function. - &#91;HD

      This helped me turn it off. but in my case, it's not windows defender, its called something else.
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        Re: MSMPENG draining memory and really slow.

        aha I figured it out. in services.msc, I could right click and in properties, disable it from auto-starting everytime the computer is turned on.
        The file was being produced by an anti walware program I have.