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Shiny new HD doing odd things...

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  • Shiny new HD doing odd things...

    Seriously. Something. I don't know what it's doing, but if you let the PC alone for a bit, it'll suddenly start making noises like it's reading/writing or something to the E drive (which is my new one I was having issues hooking up a week or so ago). The light that indicates the HD being in use/read from goes into a psycho blink fit. Lasts a few minutes and then stops.

    Happens when it's plugged up to the internet and when it's not. No new processes running, Virus and Spyware scans are clean. Is it attempting to index itself since it's new? Or is this something else I need to find and turn off, because it's eating up like 40% resources when it does it, and if it does it while I'm in a raid or LotRO that would be unpleasant lag-fest.
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    Re: Shiny new HD doing odd things...

    Mine did that just before it died.

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      Re: Shiny new HD doing odd things...

      If its new and you've tried all the normal things you would (which it sounds like), then get that receipt out and return it as defective. It can't have too much on it if its new, so why drive yourself crazy trying to figure out whats wrong.
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