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  • Suggestions for LS website hosting...

    Our linkshell is expanding, and as I am an officer (and unemployed atm, so lots of free time lol) I have been charged with finding a decent site to use as an LS hompage. We are currently using the POL linkshell community site, and as I'm sure most of you are aware, it's pretty limited. Since we're becoming more active then we were in the past, we're looking to move on to bigger and better things.

    So far I've explored two websites and messed around with them to see what they offer. The first was Guild Universe, and I wasn't impressed with it very much. The second was GamerDNA, which was much better in terms of customization, but in my usage of it I have noticed it breaks easily and loads very slowly at times (could just be me, though). Basically, the features we are looking for are scheduling, rosters, nested forums with some sort of rank function (for private sackholder forums mainly), online ls applications, basic email funtionality (for event reminders and updates to forums), basic image hosting, multiple site managers, customization of layout, some sort of accrued attendance system, etc...

    At some point, I'm going to privately host our LS website on my media center, but our friendly neighborhood web designer is backed up with professional web design work at the moment, so it's probably going to be a while before he can get around to building our site...

    I'm leaning hard towards something with free hosting (can't argue with the price ^^), but I understand that may be limiting, and I'm not against paying for a site as long as it's cheap and offers month-to-month billing (not trying to pay for time we may not use). Is there any particular sites that any of you guys can recommend, and why? If possible, please link to examples so I can pass it along to the other officers for a vote...

    Anyways, thanks for any suggestions. ^^
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    Re: Suggestions for LS website hosting...

    ZetaBoards ยป Free message board hosting

    My Linkshell currently uses Invision Free's web forum hosting services and the Zeta Boards are an upgraded version of that. Besides basic message board capabilities (user groups, private/PW locked forums, PMs, E-mails, Member lists and calendars) it also allows you to create webpages and homepages yourself. It's also highly customizable, assuming you're versed in HTML scripting and the like.

    Besides all that, it's also very reliable, I've been using Invision free for 5+ years and Zeta boards are supposed to be even better.
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      Re: Suggestions for LS website hosting... has affordable hosting packages with ALOT to offer...I suggest them
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