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Letter from the Producer Live VI - Q&A Answers

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    Re: Letter from the Producer Live VI - Q&A Answers

    But I can't help keep singing Arabian Nights when I think of Ul'Dah... I wouldn't want it to be a Jeuno. :<
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    Originally posted by Nandito

    You make me want to hurt things.


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      Re: Letter from the Producer Live VI - Q&amp;A Answers

      Because it was the easiest to get to. That doesn't mean it's best to compound the issue of making two cities nearly dead by placing a mini-game casino in the most popular city.

      You all would feel right at home working for World of Warcraft's city design team.


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        Re: Letter from the Producer Live VI - Q&amp;A Answers

        Official translation is up:

        One very interesting point - Materia is no longer tied to specific slots, you can now add any materia to any item! However, there will be stat caps according to the item type and level (Naoki gives an example of max +5 str on some gloves) and items will now have a set amount of slots you can safely add materia to. Adding more materia beyond that will be risky like it was on 1.0 (chance of failure) however if you blow it, you only lose the materia now and not the item as well.

        Really, really good changes :O

        EDIT: Okay, some really cool updates on PvP.

        So, basically you'll earn points by participating in matches which you can then use to buy PvP gear, but also SKILLS! One example he gave was a skill you can buy for Paladin that will have a different effect based on which GC you belong to - which I think is a great twist. Now I'm actually somewhat excited to try PvP out (the PUG armor he showed off was pretty sick).
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          Re: Letter from the Producer Live VI - Q&amp;A Answers

          So i wonder if the uber gear with the 3-4 level 4 tier materia items will be grand fathered in, or if they will be reduced to the max stat allowance... Probably reduced which would piss a few peeps off, lol...
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          This thread brought to you by Malacite's lack of understanding.


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            Re: Letter from the Producer Live VI - Q&amp;A Answers

            Foxclon so hot.


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              I fell asleep halfway through the live broadcast but I swear to god Yoshi-P forgot to turn on some graphic elements. Limsa Lominsa looked like something out of a top end PC game circa 1999. However, what concerns me is that while player housing is a neat novelty, the arrangement in-game, while it makes for some impressive technical demonstration, looks rather blah and overwhelming. Blah in the sense that there doesn't seem to be very much variation in the non gamban casinohousing (it's like one of those planned communities where every house looks the same aside from minor differences in lawn arrangements and painting schemes) and overwhelming in that if you luck out and got stuck with something 2,500 yalms in, you got a long-ass way to get to the housing. I think it would be just as interesting to have a facade of a community but a portal at front which will take you directly where you need to go. This doesn't need to be SAO since we're not planning on getting stuck in some virtual world with no hope of ever leaving it.....totally agree as it looks the same and minor.


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