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    Blindside - Strike from an enemy's rear, increasing attack power by half of your dexterity.

    Chakra - Channel your vital energies, consuming TP to restore HP.

    Featherfoot - Tread lightly, increasing evasion. Effect fades after evading an attack.

    Mocking Provoke - Whistle tauntingly to increase enmity.

    Steal - Rifle through an enemy's belongings, stealing a random item. Chance of success increases with stealth.

    Second Wind - (Optimal Rank - 6, Action Cost - 3, TP - 250)

    Weapon Skills
    Haymaker - Deliver a massive strike, increasing attack power and dealing blunt damage. Can only be executed after evading an attack. (Optimal Rank - 4, Action Cost - 3, TP - 250)

    Jarring Strike - Strike at an enemy's joints, dealing blunt damage and stunning the target. Increases enmity. Can only be executed after evading an attack.

    Seismic Shock - Create powerful tremors, increasing attack power and dealing Earth damage at range to all enemies between you and the target. Does not affect flying enemies. (Element - Earth)

    Shoulder Tackle - Charge at an enemy with devastating force, dealing blunt damage.

    Victimize - Exploit an enemy's weaknesses, dealing slashing damage and increasing your critical hit rate for each enfeebling effect on the target.

    Concussive Blow - Beat an enemy about the head and face, dealing blunt damage and reducing the target's accuracy. Effect may stack up to three times. (Optimal Rank - 2, Action Cost - 3, TP - 1000)

    The path of the pugilist is one of incessant training aimed at mastering the traditional techniques of hand-to-hand combat. Though they command formidable power when unarmed, they are wont to use metal, leather, and bone weaponry to maximize their destructive potential.

    Their preference for fighting at close-quarters makes negotiating distances an absolute necessity. Many among them accomplish this by using throwing weapons such as the chakram to momentarily daze their enemies while they move in for the kill.

    Masters of offensive and defensive stances, pugilists continuously adapt their fighting style to best suit their companions as well as their enemies.

    Pugilists compensate for a lack of reach and defense with their high maneuverability and cunning techniques that fluster opponents.
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