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New Warrior - Assistance Needed

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  • New Warrior - Assistance Needed

    Hi all. I am new to this game, at least to the majority of it, and am thinking about going War/Sam or Sam/War in later levels, or even throwing in the Nin instead. At any rate, this is not what I am unsure of. I need to know about what professions that I should work on, like maybe Blacksmithing or something, but am not sure if it is like World of Warcraft where you get only two.

    Armor is another problem of mine, I dont know where I can find some or even just kill mobs to drop stuff. I am currently 11 and still running around with my newbie gear. I did manage to get a Battleaxe from the AH, but I cannot find much in the lines of armor. Any suggestions?

    I used to play this game when it first came out, but never really got anywhere. It wasnt fun by myself back then, but now it seems to be a bit more exciting on the Xbox 360 than the least for me.

    I will probably have more questions later, but I want to see if I cant get this straightened out first before I continue on with more.

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    Re: New Warrior - Assistance Needed

    Firstly, welcome to the game, and hope you enjoy your stay.

    As your probably already found out, this game is not like WoW. You can do all of the crafts but, you can only take one of them to 100, the rest to 60. They take a long time to level up, and at lvl 11, they are hard to raise as you need to buy most/farm. So, you can do both smithing and gold smithing, but only bring one to 100, and the other to 60.

    As for the war/Sam, or Sam/War. You should go /nin for both of them until you reach level 50. Utsusemi is your friend before then (Although I hate how its used to death. lol)

    As for the level 11 armor you are looking for, here is a link to the Brass Armor

    Brass Harness - FFXIclopedia, the Final Fantasy XI wiki - Characters, items, jobs, and more

    Just scroll down to the bottom, match the zone to the starting area. The places will sell you the brass harness set for some decent defense. Its cheaper to buy beginning gear from NPCs. Remember that, it will save you a lot of money. Most monsters DO NOT drop gear. Only NMs, and beastmen, and even then, its rare.

    Again, welcome to the game, and enjoy your stay. ^_^


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      Re: New Warrior - Assistance Needed

      Thanks for the welcome and the help. It is going to be a lifesaver right now.

      I do have another question, how do I leave Windhurst and go to, say, Bastok? I only seen the Airship, and by what I can tell, I cannot use it.

      Is there another method that I can use, besides running there, that can get me to Bastok or even Jueno?


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        Re: New Warrior - Assistance Needed

        Its windurst, with out the H. To get to Bastok, you need to run there at your level. To use the Air ship, you need to become rank 5, or buy the pass from the NPC in jeuno.

        Running is the only way to get from place to place at your level, unless you have the outpost warp, but I doubt you will since you have never been there before.


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          Re: New Warrior - Assistance Needed

          stickied at the top of the forum. Really wish people read the stickies before making new thread.

          Crafting to make your own gear honestly isn't viable in this game, especially at this point in the game's life with so many at level 100 (Something they are going to correct it seems in XIV). Smithing can make you a crap load of money though if you get into mining and desynthesis at the higher levels, but will also cost you a lot to level it up.

          That's the reality of crafting in XI, you'll more often spend more than you'll make in the long run and it's especially true now with the game nearing the end of it's life (let's not kid ourselves it's 8 years old now). You can make some decent gil off the low level smithing and goldsmithing recipes but as you level up you'll find you'll make more money from just farming materials and especially BCNMs and the like once you start racking up enough beastmean seals/imperial standing. Fishing can be a decent option as well but the trade off there is it's not so much expensive as it is horrendously time consuming.
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