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TO ALL NEW WARs: How to be awesome

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    Originally posted by Reilk View Post
    Sorry, this is assuming that /nin is either non-accessible or non-viable (if there is such a thing )
    In my opinion, for WAR tanking in exp. parties, Great Axe should gives more option for food and gear setup because of the how the ACC+ and ATTACK+ of 2-handed weapon works:

    Before level 30, WAR/MNK's Counter Attack favors with Shield Break and the DEX -> ACC formula of 2-handed weapon (better accuracy mean better chance of counter). WAR/MNK also get a bit more attack+ from Boost, since Boost is percentage based and 2-handed weapon has better STR -> ATK.

    At level 60+, higher weapon's delay yields higher TP return from Retaliation. Great Axe weapon delay is greater than Axe weapon delay in general.

    I have a mix feeling with pre-level 74 WAR/NIN, but after level 74 WAR/NIN works well in general.

    For 1-handed Axe WS, dual weird WAR/NIN's offhand extra hit during WS has a very noticeable impact.
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