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    This is something small I've been wondering about for a great long while, and I normally hate to make new topics but... ehh, deal with it.

    I'm interested in figuring out how Warcry actually.... works, I guess. I'll start from the top:

    When I was level 60, I used warcry and got +14 attack. This is a static number. Equiping a club with skill 30, going HtH, using capped Greataxe skill, naked, fully decked in attack gear, it always gave the exact same number.

    I had my friend bust out his level 40 War. He got +10 attack.
    I had another friend bust out his 75 War. He got +20 attack.

    I made them both test with different weapons equipped at differing skill levels to make sure it was static for them as well. Note that, like +attack equipment, Berserk and Food (being a % increase) will increase the amount of attack granted by Warcry. Also note that all 3 cases had Attack Bonus trait, and that WARs do not get Attack Bonus 2, etc.

    Take notice that I did this test quite some time ago, and my numbers may be inaccurate. Unfortunately, since my account is deactivated until I win the lottery, I cannot double check these numbers.

    I'd really appreciate it if you 35+ WARs could give me what level you are and how much attack you gained from using Warcry. Or if you see a pattern that I'm missing, do tell.

    -Make sure you don't have attack food active.

    -Make sure you don't have Berserk up.

    Thank you much, I know this really doesn't affect anything, but it's a point of interest for me so thanks for the help.
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