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AF1 feet Vs. Hume RSE2 feet?!?

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  • AF1 feet Vs. Hume RSE2 feet?!?

    I just got 62 the other night an I can't seem to make up my mind if I want to keep AF1 on for TP then macro in RSE2 for WS or what I should do. If anyone can give me some feed back on what you have done let me know thanks a lot.

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    Re: AF1 feet Vs. Hume RSE2 feet?!?

    I don't know if I would bother using the RSE2 boots unless you get them from a BCNM. I don't know how much they cost on your server, but they're 4mil+ on fairy. +3str and +3dex are definitely not worth spending 4mil+ for. With WAR AF feet equipped even during weaponskill, you have a higher chance of double attack processing, thus increasing your tp return. Faster TP means more WS. +3dex isn't going to increase your critical hit rate very much at all and rampage (if axe is your main weapon) only has a 30% str modifier for damage. You could try adding str and dex somewhere else to see if it makes a difference, but I think more ACC gear for rampage and AF feet for double attack TP return would benefit you most.
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      Re: AF1 feet Vs. Hume RSE2 feet?!?

      I'd think that the increased chance for a 7-hit Rampage outweighs whatever meager bonus you'd get from STR +3, DEX +3.
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