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Quick and Dirty War Guide for Mid-Levels

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    Re: Quick and Dirty War Guide for Mid-Levels

    I think it should be emphasized in favor of the Warrior/Thief job damage dealing combination that out of all the Damage Dealing melee jobs which wield 2-handed weapons: Monk, Dragoon, Dark Knight, Samurai, and Warrior. That Warrior is the only job which can subjob Thief without sacrificing Double Attack and Berserk. The other jobs' Damage over Time is greatly diminished when they subjob Thief. But Warrior/Thief's Damage over Time is still consistent and strong because they lose neither Berserk nor Double Attack. And Sneak Attacking a Great Axe Weaponskill is at least as strong if not stronger than the other jobs Sneak Attacking with their respective weaponskills because Double Attack can still fire off Warrior/Thief's critical Weaponskill.

    As Warriors you can skillup lots of 2-handed weapons because you are ranked high in most 2-handed melee weapons. You can skillup Polearm, you can skillup Scythe, you can skillup Great Sword, you can even skillup Staff. But if you don't bother to skillup your A+ rated Great Axe as a Warrior you are missing out on your full damage potential! :D

    Rampage to close Distortion is lovely and has lots of strong weaponskills that open for it, but after level 60 there are also sufficient damage dealing jobs who can also start Fragmentation for you and against crab, bat, and dhalmel mobs the Fragmentation skillchain is more devastating than Distortion. Some of the strongest weaponskills another damage dealing jobs can use after 60 to start Fragmentation are: Tachi: Yukikaze from Samurai, Guillotine from Dark Knight, and Raging Rush itself from a 2nd Warrior all open Fragmentation for a Raging Rush. Even against fire-based mobs weak to water such as Raptors and Birds, Raging Rush is a powerful weaponskill to close the level 1 water-based Reverberation skillchain on them from such notable weaponskills as Rampage, Sickle Moon from a Great Sword wielding Dark Knight, Vorpal Blade from a Paladin, or Dancing Edge from a main Thief.

    I have a level 75 Warrior/Ninja's word who has all of their weapon skills save Great Katana capped that while Warrior/Ninja is the most useful all-around job combination for Warrior in most situations that Warrior/Thief is the best Damage Dealing combination for Warrior in a regular party unless you have ridill or joyeuse.

    In closing I'd like to say that you don't see Warriors fighting Maat for the final Limit Break with a one-handed axe! Instead what you see as the weaponskill and skillchain they use is Raging Rush > Raging Rush for Fragmentation.

    If I've somehow come off as contentious and have offended any die-hard War/Nins forgive me. Believe me I myself leveled my Warrior subjob often as War/Nin as well and my Best friend is a reknowned War/Nin but the above facts should be indeed correct.

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