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Party vs All Other Sub Discussion.

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    Re: Party vs All Other Sub Discussion.

    Couple of little thoughts from recent things (bear in mind, this is from the perspective of a Taru War, it will definately not be the same for other races):


    I like this sub, and so far - so have all my healers. However - you firstly need to have virtually every spell on your list as you level up to get the best from this.

    You add spells to put in maximum stats + Cocoon. I tend to go with a high Vit/Dex build on my spell selection.

    Only cast Cocoon - or rarely a healing spell if you need to add hate. You only should rest for 1/2 ticks between fights at most as you're only replenishing your Def bonus - the only other major benefits are the huge additional stat ups you get.

    - This sub now has replaced totally my use of War/Mnk as a tank for Charming Trio. Even with the massive initial aspir/drain combo that the three leeches hit you with to open - Metallic Body + Cocoon help you stabilize the fight about 15-20 seconds quicker at the start. A much safer alternative I've found from my own experiences.


    Totally gear dependant. If you are missing the two major pieces of /Drg gear - the Wyvern Mantle *and* Wyvern Earring, do not attempt this combination seriously post 30. If you *do* have this equipment, it's a totally different story.

    This role is a Great Axe debuffer. Fast TP gain from Jump + Second Attack + Haste = lots of two handed goodness. Put out early breaks and late fight damage weaponskills (Sturmwind/Raging Rush) for good measure.

    At end game, /Thf does outperform the /Drg sub for damage to HNM's - but for Exp, /Drg is a viable option if you have the starting pieces of equipment to make it work.

    Now... I realise these sub job choices are not commonplace. Having played around with them while messing about (read that as getting the best gear I can for the role and seeing what things I could do with it since I'm levelling it as a sub and thought I'd have fun with it instead of just grinding exp) - I definately see them as having potential. However - there will always be people who assume that a different sub than what they've been told by their high level friends before is the *only* route. Be warned - when stepping off the beaten track, you will have to deal with a lot of misconceptions and prejudging before you get to exp. Start with friends first before branching out.

    The two subs above do have use, but they are quite defined, much the like SA Sturmwind of /Thf. The /Blu is designed to be able to soak damage with minimal utlitity - but added stat boosts that are definately worth considering. The /Drg role is to improve your party's performance - with rapid (comparitively) WS's and maximising your Great Axe speed.

    - Saeriel