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    Re: Theif solo?

    This is a good thread, but in your 30's you can solo fairly well regardless of what was posted above. I did this 3-4 years ago when i first leveled THF. Before level 33, it takes longer but can still be done. I would just go to lower level areas with a cheapcrossbow and some bolts. the key here is to go to and look at the blacksmithing trade skill list and look up the lowerst level of bolts that are listed, find out how to make them, and make that. If you can't do it right off the bat, spend some time skilling up doesnt take long. Copper orex4 + Fire crystal = Copper Ingot, and i think 3x Copper Ingot x3 + fire crystal = Copper Sheet? I could be wrong, but skill up on Copper Ores and then make sheets. i did this exact thing from 0 skill (maybe with a few other recipes as well, it's been a long time), and made my own bolts.

    I carried a warp scroll and went out as a 30THF/10RNG (i think) and used Sharpshooter (whatever that increases ranged skill) to kill mobs with ranged attacks to skill up. i started outside sandy and worked my way to the rabbits in the dunes. Another good area is outside bastok on the worms, do those for a while and move progressively throughout the area. Camp Leaping Lizzy while killing lizards over there as a THF/RNG and dont' worry if you dont get her...point is to cap out your skill not camp and nm for days. move to maze of shakrami and do worms there. Worms are great because they don't move and yo ucan just sit there popping shots off. 300%TP just unload your WS at them and keep trucking.

    Anyway, when you get close to the cap for a 30-something THF, try to max it as best you can in a party...take shots at whatever your party is'll still build up TP and since your skill is almost capped you wont miss really. When you get TP then use it for a SATA, no big deal

    The fun begins when you can effectively shoot a goblin with "defense down", at range, and keep him at range (ideally you'll want to fight the ranger types...Ambushers in the dunes, Furriers in the Jungle). With RNG type Goblins, when they'll fight you at range until a certain amount of HP (60% or so), then they'll run in to melee with a knife/dagger. At this point, go ahead and melee (you'll want /NIN for Utusemi, it's fairly easy to get and i'll explain that in a few), and once you get a good amount of tp (150% or so), shoot them with a Sleep Bolt until that sticks (disengage so you don't melee them on accident). When you finally get them to sleep, go walk back behind them. If you don't have full shadows, recast Utsusemi, wait a few seconds (for the timer to tick down a alittle), then pop your [/ja "Sneak Attack" <t>; /wait 1; /ws "Viper Bite/Wasp Sting/Combo/Fast Blade/etc" <t>] macro. They'll wake up and start fighting again, but usually you'll only get hit once or twice before you can cast Utsusemi again. But when you get 100% TP, start shooting them with sleep bolts. I make macros for each type of Ranged attack: Drain Bolts, Sleep Bolts, Acid Bolts (defense down). just [/equip Ammunition "Sleep Bolt"; /ra <t>] and make a macro for each type you have, including normal bolts if you need them. This works wonders.

    Don't get me wrong, party EXP will be much better, but still, if you have your flag up and don't want to synth, quest, mission, or farm, this is a decent way to solo throughout your 30+ career. If you're not level 33 (which is when you can get Viper Bite, assuming Dagger is skilled up), try using Hand2Hand weapons and using Combo. It does fairly good damage.

    To get Ninja:
    First, it's best to have Gust Slash from dagger skill here (since it hits the area around you). There's a quest in Windurst i'm sure you've heard about, where you need to turn in yagudo necklaces. 1 quest = 4 necklaces turned in. Look it up on An easy way to do this is to go to Giddeus, put some evasion gear on. Go shoot a yagudo at range, then run away (dont melee them, as they can hit you as you run...if you shoot, they have to make that distance up so it's a bit better). Just run around and train all of the yagudo that you can. at level 30, all of them should be "too weak", but the Priests, Theologists, and Votaries might be Easy Prey, i'm not sure. Anyway, use a dagger and run around, and as you get hit and hit things, you'll have 100% TP fairly quick. If you have enough HP, you can get hit some more and aattack some mobs for more TP. Eventually you'll get this huge train, so you can turn around, and use Gust Slash. It should 1 shot all of those lower level yagudo. With [Treasure Hunter] you can expect a good amount of necklaces. I did this with two friends, who logged onto their Windurst "Mule" character, ran to Giddeus with me, and sat down at the entrance and went AFK. While resting after each set of mobs, i'd go through the Treasure pool and 'pass' on all the necklaces, so they would go to the mule characters. Or you can just leave it there.. if you pass though and they have a full inventory you're going to lose some, so make sure you can ask them when they're full. or just farm and let them randomly pass. And make sure the mules go naked ^^ that's 60 slots on those 2, and whatever space for you, so that's at least 15 quest turn ins (60/4=15), which will get you rank 2 or 3 fame, which will be enough to start the Ninja Quest. Do Ninja and Samurai (you'll need help to kill NM's for both, but it's not too hard), and after that you should have enough fame for the Utusemi quest. then you can do that, get your scroll, level ninja, and get to level 12 for Utsusemi (i think).

    If you don't have Dagger skill to get Gust Slash (can't remember what level it is), then just run around killing them one by one.
    long post, i'm sorry. but it's good information that you sounded like you needed.


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      Re: Theif solo?

      Hi guys. I'm currently 37THF/NIN. I am wondering if THF can solo anything for decent exp at this level? I have capped marksmanship from RNG.

      I am not expecting it to be as good as party EXP. But I think any EXP is better than staring at my MH wall, which is what I've been doing.


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        Re: Theif solo?

        When I say "neck," you say "row."

        Anyway, would it really be that hard to find out for yourself? Go out, kill some Easy Prey as fast as you can, see what kind of XP you get. See if you can throw in some DC safely and whether that actually improves your XP/hour. Rinse and repeat until you find the sweet spot for risk vs. reward.

        Anybody should be able to kill 'em up some EP with an intelligent choice of subjob and gear. Whether it amounts to "decent" XP or not is a personal call you'd have to make yourself anyway.
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          Re: Theif solo?

          Stack agi and evasion and THF/NIN can solo almost anything in the game when you hit 75.


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            Re: Theif solo?

            I solo on thf now with /whm and usually can get up to chain 2 before needing to rest with my now lvl 23 thf in the dunes. I took on EM and T- or regular T's.


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              Re: Theif solo?

              I am having a difficult time leveling up. I rarely have the time to wait around Jeuno for a party to go down to Q. Island. And I guess I am in an odd place. My thf is level 21, with a level 10 warrior support. Sometimes I find a good group around the dunes to level sync with, but majority of the time I am killing lizards. The thing is gobs are everywhere, and those nasty things aggro me to hell everytime. I have the worst luck with gobs.

              I'm like oh they don't see me, then you get the magical lights around you, and I'm pretty much screwed. I think if I can get up to level 25 with flee, I will be pretty happy afterwards. But at the moment I kind of feel a bit stuck.

              Sleep bolts are my best friends, but my mark skills aren't that amazing either.
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                Re: Theif solo?

                You could still FoV solo in dunes at least through level 30. Page 5 is very nice because it requires you to kill goblins, but it lets you choose the easy ones, and wiki says it can be done as high as level 36. 575 xp for a few minutes per hour plus the 300-400 regular xp is better than zero.

                Also, you can move up toward Jeuno if you want to solo. The three zones around Jeuno are fine for low 30s solo, though the tigers in Batallia are worse than gobbies for wandering around and sneaking up behind you, but there are lots of zone lines if you know where to look. And I don't much like the look of those Sauromugue Skinks. Rolanberry crawlers are really rather nice if you use the south book, but the Jeuno book is too far of a walk from them. And of course all three zones are right next to a city where you can store/sell your drops. Qufim requires you to go through that stupid tunnel to get to the city.

                The other day I soloed THF in Batallia at 33-34 (because that was the only zone of the three that I could get crystals from), and I found that the FoV page 3 I was doing was worse than just killing gobbies for the fun of it (and stealing beastcoins) because of all the damn walking back and forth to the book. I still avoid the Leechers (Blink makes them a pain in the ass) and the Pathfinders (unless they've just spawned and have no pet), but it really feels good to kill gobs after all the crap they've pulled on me.

                The main downside is that by picking on EP, your combat skills will lag behind until you fight in a regular party for a while. Except for parry, which is usually far enough behind that it'll still skill up.
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