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Party vs All Other Sub Discussion.

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  • Party vs All Other Sub Discussion.

    I making this topic in response to the many arguments of Party correct vs "Gimped" subs. Accordingly im asking those who would like to perticapate in making suitable guide This fourms Job to post the PROS and CONS of EACH sub weither it be an appropiate sub or a non appropiate sub. Also please indcate which subs you would recommend for pting, perhaps in its own section in your post. If you would like to contribute more besides the job of this fourm please visit the other job fourms. after considerable information is recorded i will begin to make a guide for the site. Credit will go to the Users of FFXIO * taking down each name of a contributer would be tedius and in-effecient but i will work out an appropiate credting title*

    The job guide would be added to ffxio database and added to the main page.

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    Re: Party vs All Other Sub Discussion.

    Can somebody add to this please? I'm considering taking THF up a few for farming and don't know anything....
    Current Server: Asura
    Current Home Nation: Bastok (Rank 10)
    Race/Sex: Elvaan/Male
    Main Job: 75 DRK / 37 SAM,RDM,NIN,WAR,WHM
    Main Craft: 73 Cloth

    (Read this at a normal pace...)
    Tihs Msseage Connat Be Raed By Nromal Huamn Biegns. Pelsae Ntoify Yuor Firedns Taht If Tehy Can Raed Tihs, Taht Tehy Aenr't Namrol...Cnovrresly, Atmpetnig To Raed Tihs Msasege At Nmaorl Pcae And Bineg Albe To, Cna't be Namrol Etiehr...If Yor'ue Albe To Raed Tihs, Tehn Mybae Yur'oe Not Nrmaol.


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      Re: Party vs All Other Sub Discussion.

      make a thread and ask your questions
      we'll answer them
      but don't do it in this

      fk yes