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    I thought I would add all I found for the last update. Summoners can now MB with Spells (FireII ThunderIV) the DMG the spells do has been raised ALOT. The DMG is also now dependant on TP. I did some tests and I found you can out dmg a BLM if you MB with 300% TP and a spell the mob is weak vs^^ with 100% you can get close, normally the same dmg sometimes 50 less. If you dont have any TP you do about the same DMG as a RDM MBing. Summoners can now also do Skill Chains. This can be done solo (you do WS then have summon do ability, you must have it on macro there is almost no time), or it can be done with 2 summons. I've found that any abilitys will chain and the element of the Skill Chain is based off of the element of the summon Ex) Ifrit: fire, Shiva: ice. I tried this on a DC I pulled off a total of 700 dmg solo, thats alot for a lv 45^^ for this I recomend using a Dagger or Club so you dont take hate away from your summon. At lv 70 there is a new staff its has D:4 and sometimes attacks 2-4 times, I would change to this staff @ 70 solo. Its also great in a PT, if you melee you can keep using Spirit Taker.

    I hope what I found was helpful^^
    I have a Guide for Maxing Summoner in different areas: Max MP, Max SMN Skill, Lowest summoning cost, and yes even Max HP. Did you know a taru SMN can have over 1k HP and 1k MP at the same time at lv 75 ;p
    If you guys want me to post it i'll be glad to.

    Now I have a Question: Does anyone know if the Avatar belt works with main job SMN? If so that changes my guide.
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      As a Taru SMN (albeit a lowbie) I'm interested in seeing how I could possibly have both 1000+ MH and HP at the same time ^^

      Please post your guides ~
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        lv 75 taru smn has just over 600 hp. He was in some hp->MP gear so it's kind of hard to tell. He had over 1200 MP. I am going to assume lv 75 taru smn/whm with base of 700 hp and 1000 MP

        My Best guess at what's out there to make you 1/1k:

        Opo-opo crow : 50+ to each
        patriarch protector shield: 30mp -> 30 hp
        Bloodbead: 25
        pigeon +1: 25
        shield pendent: 20 MP -> 20 HP
        wonder kafkan: 36 hp
        Creek gloves: +65 HP, str +6, vit +3, agi -3
        wonder bracche: +21 hp
        Creek boots: HP+35, MP-35, STR+4, VIT+4, INT-3 or wonder clomps for +20 hp
        bomb queen ring: +75 HP
        Apollo ring for +22hp -22 MP
        or evokers ring for all around goodness and 25 MP
        Steppe Sash: HP+60 VIT+4 MND-4
        Prism cape for 10 to hp and MP NQ is +8 hp or errant cape for +30 MP/35 for HQ
        Reserve captain's mace/snr musketeer rod +30 HP
        fenrir stone in day time +30 hp and mantra coin 12 MP, or happy egg for night time: assume 1k hp? -> 10 hp


        HP+ 556 in extreme HP mode during day. 536 or 526 at night
        MP- 44 or -32 if using coin.

        This should result in 1200 HP and 956 mp. Just throw out the creek boots and shield pendent for holy phial or something to get back over to 1100 HP/ 1000 MP. Sub some other items out to get more for your milage.

        For practical reasons based on cost and what I can get easier or already have:

        Opo-opo +50hp/mp
        patriarch protector shield +30 -30MP
        reserve captain's mace +30
        rainbow cape +8
        adept's rope +8 hp/mp
        Demon ring +10 hp x2
        Garden bangles: +30 hp
        shield pendent +20hp -20 MP
        wonder clomps +20
        wonder kafkan +36
        wonder brache +21
        pigeon +20 x2
        fenrir stone in day time +30 hp and mantra coin 12 MP, or happy egg for night time: assume 1k hp? -> 10 hp

        Cheap man's version cause I already have opo-opo:


        HP bonus: 353 in day time. 323/333 at night
        MP: 0 or +12 at night.

        This should give you 1000/1000 also. Not as uber but at a much reduced cost.

        Sorry if my math is off by a few numbers. I'ts hard to add things late at night in my head.
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          on that one smn faq it says it turned out lv 75 is the end cap? Where has this been confirmed?


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            Re: Summoner FAQ

            I am a 57 SMN with about level 40ish SMN skill.
            Me and another SMN the other was 75, went to riverine site B to fight a lesser roc.

            Normal bloodpacts and attacks, defence, were not effected by summoning skill what so ever.

            We did notice that from the casting I seemed to grab hate, or may have seemed to grab hate on recalling summons. Though this was blurry speculation, still he would have to take some effort to pull the mob off me when I had recasted.
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              Re: Summoner FAQ

              Originally posted by Lythinari
              I am a 57 SMN with about level 40ish SMN skill.
              Sheesh I'm low to but not that low with 84skill at lvl35 Oo
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