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Ideal Fenrir fight with 1 leecher?

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  • Ideal Fenrir fight with 1 leecher?

    i was wondering what the ideal party would be if they tried to have a level 30 whm/ 1 smn try to get fenrir?
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    SMN (lv.70+)
    SMN (lv.70+)
    SMN (lv.70+)
    SMN (lv.70+)
    BRD or RDM or Another SMN(optional)
    Leecher (you)
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      Just going from what you have said and the choice of job/sub-job of the leecher, its probably worth mentioning that you/they actually need to kill all of the normal avatars first (level 60 versions) to even gain access to Fenrir. If WHM 30 truely is the highest level job (you? your friend?) has then you/they will have to leech those as well.

      Not sure why you would go as WHM30/SMN 1, you don't need to have the SMN job as your main job or sub job in order to get Fenrir. Take a more appropriate subjob for more MP as you sneak through T.Canal.

      Oh and watch out for the 2 hours. Guaranteed death if it hits you at level 30.
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        A leecher that wants fenrir is rare.

        5 smns or 5 blms lvl 70+

        You would have to pull in a lot of favors to get 5 smns or 5 blms to do it.

        Heck usually to find so many lvl 70s it's a HNMLS anyway...

        Normal pt wise 5 lvl 70+ members is possible, Fenrir isn't hard, just the 2hr is impressive. 2-3 rangers can do it fine, though it depends who dies on the 2hr.

        The main part is your tank doesn't die from 2hr, as long as you have that, you can outlast fenrir with kite type tactics. Stunner AND/or a ranger type kite is the best equipement vs fenrir. As long as you can get breathing room, you can out fight him.

        The trick obvious is back to the 2hr, more luck then not, who dies during that time determines the outcome. A DD dying = good Tank dying = bad

        Fenrir's 2hr does 900 usually, so most lvl 75s as long as they are at full life, is not a problem. If you're unlucky, it does 1.5k and you die, if you're lucky you get 200. I.E make sure everyone has at least 1k life.

        And just because a tank living that, can still mean he dies from the followup attack.

        The leecher whm role in this, is to do nothing and stay far away, maybe haste if he has, and wait for the 2hr. Once 2hr hits, your redmage goes chain stun or ranger bind. Both jobs in the fight is even better, while leecher whm benidiction + raise the unlucky dead person.

        After that just fight defensively and you can usually win.

        Oh yea have a whm R3 outside the BC... heck I doubt anyone would do this without R3/R2. Wipe is very possible.


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          ya well my sister is a level 75 RDM and i got to a level 40 ranger and quit but im going to come back with a new account so we can play together so she'll be able to get me all avatars.

          now would it be possible for a mad RDM soloer to kill fenrir? solo? cause from what i hear RDMs are amazing soloers i just dont know how good they'd do in a fight with fenrir.
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            o and, if i was to use benediction to heal everyone wouldnt i get alot of agro and end up dieing by fenrir?
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              It is not possible to kill fenrir, a lvl 80 NM, with anything less the 4 summoners.

              Heck even with 4 summoners, it's iffy, as fenrir seems to change his hate and take a snack on one of the summoners.

              So you need at least 5 lvl 70+.

              You're not going to get fenrir unless you pull in a lot of favors.

              o and, if i was to use benediction to heal everyone wouldnt i get alot of agro and end up dieing by fenrir?
              A leecher death is pretty meaningless in such fight. But no, you probably won't get hate, if it's a solid fight. All other members would have vastly more hate then a benidiction.

              From your questions I suggest giving up fenrir. While Fenrir has some good moves, it doesn't really over power other avatars.


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                Safest in my Experience is
                Pseudo Tank (be it NIN/WAR or THF/WAR [perfect dodge+voke]) in case fenrir runs at a SMN

                Made some hardcore moneys that way ^^

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                  Solo RDM/NIN would last for about 1 minute against Fenrir. Once chainspell ends, RDM is toast.

                  As kuu mentioned above, unless you think you can gather 4+ SMN or 5x BLM75 + 1 WHM75 for R3 in case of distasters, there is *zero* chance for you to get Fenrir while leeching.



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                    Kifka, like the others suggested... a RDM can get you your regular avatars and whispers... however, it's best to leave Fenrir to the professionals. I've fought Fenrir with regular party, and all SMN party and as far as leecher's go your best bet is to take in 4 or 5 70+ SMN's who know what they're doing.

                    I've fought him for well over 35+ times now. I know it's sad but true. I've lost count for everyone who I've helped get Fenrir. My all SMN ls does it for it's members for free, and usually anyone else who wants him for free or for donations or favors to LS.

                    My personal preference is 5 SMN, 1 leecher. Then again, I've never been a big fan for trying to solicit help from a melee when I can substitute another SMN. You say your sister is 75 RDM? She's gotta have some 70+ SMN friends... have her ask around for you. If she can get two or three, then they should have other SMN friends they could talk into a quick Fenrir fight.

                    The rules of leeching a Fenrir fight are simple. No casting, healing, curing, melee'ing, sitting or otherwise aggro generating actions. No matter what, no one should cure anyone in that fight. Fenrir has super delicate hate, and even a Cure 1 is enough to throw it off and have him start picking off the SMNs. Your best bet, hang out on the portal you entered the BC on and wait for the SMN's to kill him. If the SMN's are good, their pacts will be on the mark, connect, do dmg, and they'll know to steer clear of his two hour at 50%. Leviathan of course. And he's also a little less aggressive/weaker on a New Moon.

                    So let's say you round up 5 SMN's to help you. These are things you can do to expedite the process and help - Try and find a WHM with R2 or R3 to hang out at the BC just in case something goes awry. A little insurance is always helpful. Supply the SMN's with 1 or 2 yagudo drinks. That eliminates the need for a refresher in the party. And do the Rhinostery missions to get your Rhinostery Certificate. This allows you to access the Toraimarai Canal from Windurst Walls. Also having the map of the Canal can be beneficial. The more convenient you make it for them, the better your chances.

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                      Having 5 lvl 70 smn in once place is rarer then rare.

                      lvl 70 smns running around are rare.

                      Usually anything with 5 smn in one spot deals with HNMLS.

                      You might have a better chance asking 5 blms. :sweat:


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                        Kuu, it probably varies from server to server. I co-lead an all SMN ls on Phoenix and we usually have at least 5 70+ SMN in the ls during peak times, and over 16 members in the ls who are SMN 70+... not to mention there's always SMNx6 parties in KR's Tomb. There's been a number of times when I've been in those SMNx6 parties and after a few hours, some says... I'm bored... wanna go fight Fenrir? And we drop what we're doing to go chalk another one up on the scoreboard.

                        SMN 70+ isn't rare on our server... SMN 70+ who knows what they're doing is.


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                          A smn only LS... that's bais isn't it, for this discussion, you have an LS that specifically bonds smns together.

                          And by your numbers, they are still low. As I said you have a better chance finding 5 lvl 70+ blm.

                          If you have an LS that is call Galkabro's and specifically invites galka's, then you should find Galka mages, but that still doesn't change the fact galka mages is still a rare sight.

                          With ffxi's offical statistics released a couple of months ago, SMN is among the rarest jobs, and rarer above 60.

                          If leechers pull off a 4- 5 Smn pt, without losing an arm and a leg, that's great, but chancing are againist him, and instead of sitting around all day looking at the search windows, A 4-5 BLM pt is more down to earth, or a normal PT, that knows what they're doing.

                          5 SMM= win
                          5 BLM = win (a bit more risky)
                          4 SMN + Rdm = (Win, bit risky)
                          4 BLM + Rdm = (Win, bit riskty)
                          5 nonscrip = Risky win

                          Don't try fenrir at the full moon times or dark day. That's just plain stupid with a leecher.

                          Given situation, 4 BLM (lvl 70+) + Rdm(74/drk37) +Leecher
                          with a Whm 70+ (outside, or Raise 2 at least)
                          Is best bet, to form.

                          Basic mana burn fight, with coordinated stunning. Thunderga3's then assign blm stuns, + more nuking, at fenrir 70% left, Rdm chainspell stun, and blm comence fullpower nuking and 2hr if the doggie is still alive.


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                            Though I agree that an all-SMN linkshell would, obviously, make it much easier to round up 5 70+ SMNs... I've observed that people who want Fen badly enough don't seem to have any trouble rounding them up.

                            Generally speaking, on Ramuh, if you do a /sea all SMN 70-75, you'll come up with about 8-10 people at any given time. About half of them are not in a party and are usually farming, crafting, standing in jeuno looking for a PT or skill up tour, or AFK.

                            The best bet is to start with any 70+ SMNs you know, then start asking the random SMNs who aren't in PTs (Don't worry too much about upsetting them, they KNOW that being a 70+ SMN and not being /anon is going to result in requests for avatar fights, believe me... Just be polite in your request and don't be angry if they say no). If you can round up 3-4 SMNs, odds are at least one of them knows another who might be willing to join up.

                            It's also a good idea to try to plan something like this a couple days ahead of time, at a time and date that all the SMNs can agree upon. But I've been invited for a number of spur-of-the-moment Fenrir fights, and I can assure you, they do happen.

                            Oh, and I've fought him on a dark day. 5 SMNs can do it. Don't even attempt it with any other lineup.
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                              Personaly I wouldn't reccomend going at lv 30 you should wait atleast till lv 40 min.
                              Most people will know you have leeched anyway so lack of respect till probs be there for ya. Took me awhile to get BLM to lv 70 to go for Fenrir and alot of people respect me for that and I have a reputation for doing it so as a SMN I invites to pt's pretty quick. So ya best bet is don't leech and wait till lv 70 in anopther job. Also you are going to have to either do all the minis(lv 20 Summoner solo) or you are going to have to find a party to take you to all the Avatars twice then to Fenrir so unless you have 5 lv 70+ SMN buddys your lookin at a 2mil price range maybe even more.

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