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    Looking at the name “rune fencer” it is actually not a magic based job, as they will be consuming runes to gain special effects. To give a bit more insight into the actual name, I will share a quick Japanese lesson with you all. Red mage, black mage, and other “mage” jobs utilize the kanji
    “魔道士” which denotes a mage or wizard-type role. On the other hand, rune fencer in Japanese
    is “魔導剣士” which uses a slightly different kanji “魔導.” Both are actually pronounced the same way (madou) but are different in the sense that the latter is used to denote more of a sage-type character. With that said, it might seem to overlap with the image of red mage, but it is in fact completely different.

    On another note, for all of you who may still be wondering what the main weapon for rune fencer will be, as many has guessed it will be great sword. However, they will still be able to fully utilize one-hand swords as well.

    Attack wise, since they are using great sword, we are planning to have them deal higher damage than paladins. As a tank role though, generating higher enmity than your melee and other damage dealers with attacks alone is quite impossible, so we will be looking into other methods to gain enmity.

    In regards to their defensive capabilities, as was stated their specialty is magical defense and elemental resistance, but they will not be able to have all resistances enhanced at once and will have to use runes skillfully to enhance themselves.

    Mystic Knight 2nd new job - Page 9

    Also, for those that haven't seen it, Elmer posted an excellent article here that gives more information about the new expansion. The following is what he has to say about Rune Fencer.

    This job is meant to be the third main tank in the game after Paladin and Ninja. The Rune Fencer utilizes a variety of runes to execute magic and special abilities. While the Paladin is primarily a physical tank, the Rune Fencer is designed to tank using magical-based defenses. Elemental Runes can be used to increase elemental resistance and add elemental damage to regular attacks, similar to En-spells. Enchantment Runes are divided into attack-based and defense-based runes. Attack-based runes add big elemental damage and increase your offensive capability, while defense-based runes help your defensive capability.

    From what the developers described, Rune Fencer will be a tactical job with a variety of tools to meet various tanking situations. Elemental Runes are there to counter the different types of magic and elemental damage monsters will throw at you while allowing the player to strike back with the appropriate element in return.

    Enchantment Runes then let the player balance between big damage to control hate or strong defense to stay alive. In addition, Rune Fencer will be able to make other tradeoffs in battle, such as sacrificing spell duration to increase potency. Since this job was announced after the interview, there are many questions left to ask.
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