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Is Vermy cloak worth it?

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    Re: Is Vermy cloak worth it?

    Originally posted by Truece View Post
    Also, when you can equip the Errant Houppelande at 72, the hMP on it beats the auto-refresh that you would get from vermy. If you wanted to squeeze out an extra few tics of MP before your first real tic of resting, that's ok, but after that, be sure to equip the Errant body.

    All auto-refresh gear gives 1MP every 3 seconds for a total of 20 mp returned per minute. Exactly how useful that extra 20 MP is depends on what you're doing, but I can't think of many situations where that is going to make or break a party or event. (it's great to wear while traveling, though!)
    I found verms more useful than errant. I'm a rdm....I don't have time to rest. I was constantly interrupting my rest period to do something and then sitting back down to get a tick...maybe. Verms made sure I was ALWAYS getting my hMP when I had it on, especially when I couldn't rest. I recommend getting both, they both have their uses.
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      Re: Is Vermy cloak worth it?

      I didnt get it when i was leveling becuase i didnt have the gil at the time and looking back i didnt see how not having made my life harder. plus with later gear like relic af hat and dalm body both add refresh plus more stats instead of just one refresh and little stats. plus with compose it cuts us recasting by 2/3 and thus saves us ton of mp. so unless you have the gil to burn i personally dont see a reason to buy it


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        Re: Is Vermy cloak worth it?

        Originally posted by Laynton View Post
        relic af hat and dalm body
        Both of which are much harder to obtain then a vermy. If you're main healing on RDM, and primarily doing nothing but healing, it might be on the expensive side but there probably isn't any piece of body gear that would be more useful in that situation.

        It's amazing what one extra tick of refresh can do.
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          Re: Is Vermy cloak worth it?

          When I levelled rdm I had a curing macro that swapped justacorps +1 (then errant when I got higher) in for cure spells then a standing macro that swapped in my vermy, soon as I hit mt cure macro it swapped back in my curing gear and I could just switch between the two when casting/idling. Theres no bonus to cure spells from casting with vermy, and you loose the fast cast bonus from AF head. Used to swap to vermy whenever I had to go through my haste refresh cycles.

          By doing this i barely had to rest unless the DD were stupid (souleater last resort beserk WS drks for eg) 1/2 there hp gone + another 1/3 when they eat the inveitable pecking flurry.
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            Re: Is Vermy cloak worth it?

            1 tick passive refresh is very nice. It is a valuable Idle piece. When/If you get a dalm body and relic head then you can sell thevermy back on the AH its an awesome item, and useful on many many many jobs where Dchap is not.

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