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(Pup) Come on…no excitement here?

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    Re: (Pup) Come on…no excitement here?

    Originally posted by Tickmeoff View Post
    The point is that at the same time PUP gets an A in H2H, the level cap will be raised. If we assume skills will progress at about the same rate per level and PUP retained a C in hand to hand they would have somewhere in the neighborhood of 280 skill at 99 while Monks would have about 400.
    Is this really a problem when a PUP has a pet also doing damage with them and the MNK doesn't?
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      Re: (Pup) Come on…no excitement here?

      Considering the PUP would have 60% less hit rate than the MNK and significantly less Attack, yes.

      But I find it highly unlikely that skills will continue to increase using the same formulas we use now.


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        Re: (Pup) Come on…no excitement here?

        Originally posted by Romyro View Post
        Try joining a random nyzul group, or a new dynamis/limbus shell and tell them all you have is pup. Do it just for fun, 9 out of 10 times they’re gonna be like…”um…do you have something that can be of some use?”. I'm hoping maybe now they'll be like...'ok...we'll give you a shot."
        Like you (as you can see by my sig), I have bard leveled, which I did before I completed PUP, but while I was leveling it. Initially thinking that PUP/BRD may be a good build, especially as a back-line party member, I was very hesitant to let anybody know I had this job leveled.

        However, when I finally decided to join a Nyzul static, I did tell them that I had both jobs. The leader (who may or may not have had some prior good experiences with pup) let me come as pup/whm for every floor run we did, except for the boss floors, which she asked I came as bard.

        During my climb, we all discovered one thing: PUPs rock at climbing Nyzul, especially if they're clear on their role. Primarily, when trying to clear the objectives, you would have a valoredge/sharpshot build -- basically, ranger body with melee head, so they will run in to get more TP. Fast TP = more frequent WS, which when you're doing Nyzul will tend to be Daze or Armor Piercer. I force Daze whenever possible. But, if you know you're nearing the end of the objective on the floor, you set you puppet against the mob (especially helpful if it's just one mob to kill), and while you're friend is wacking away at the mob, you run back to the lamp. You're not loosing any of your DD output, and as soon as the objective is cleared you can go up to the next floor. I would do the same thing on bard, since it's not as useful for anything once songs are up. However, the leader (and the members as well) I think gained a totally new perspective on just how useful PUP can be, especially under the right circumstances. I don't think I've ever been called a lolpup from those people, and while they often want me to come as bard to events (dynamis etc), I'm one of the first who would be allowed to change to what is considered a less desirable job if able.

        I have also gone as PUP in dynamis a few times, but the results are mediocre. If you go as a BLM puppet, you can't do time nukes very well. If you go as just about any other kind of frame, it'll tend to die too easily. It can work, and I've done it successfully, but you need to keep your finger on the Deactivate in case something goes wrong, and hope that it's at 100% when you do.
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