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Start npc for Puppetmaster Quest

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  • Start npc for Puppetmaster Quest

    I think the begining npc is in bastok markets

    name Shamarhaan near fountain I hope this helps^^

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    Re: Start npc for Puppetmaster Quest

    The 3 new jobs will have starting NPCs on TAU zones, like previously announced.

    They are located on that... thingamalike Whitegate something-womething place.
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      Re: Start npc for Puppetmaster Quest

      If you speak to the npc i mentioned you get a cutscene in which the man tells you to go visit the master puppet master in whitegate.


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        Re: Start npc for Puppetmaster Quest

        Yes you need to talk to the guy in Bastok Markets before you can get the quest. I talked to the NPC in Whitegate and nada. After talking to the NPC in bastok, I went back and BINGO!
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          Re: Start npc for Puppetmaster Quest

          A little semi-help from our friends at

          This quest is extremely easy, if you pay attention to what you are doing.

          The only difficult part is navigating thru the mire and then getting to the ??? on the ship in the reef area. Otherwise, this thing is toast.

          Need to wait 1 Vana day after submitting the old automaton.

          PUP LV1 [Please check it.] :D
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