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    Just last night I dinged 53 COR and I've been fiddling with gear macros a little bit. Im overly familiar with macro swaps for gear... being a SMN for so long... so I don't really need help with that. I'm just curious what I should be trying to focus on for gear at my level. I'm getting very close to being the right level for Woodlands parties... and thats where I'm stuck. Should I be trying to bolster my Rattk/acc or should I be gearing more for QuickDraw? I already own the HQ Dark/Light staves and the NQ Fire, Wind, Ice and Earth staves too. From what I can tell... those are really the only ones I need. Lightning doesn't seem all-too important and neither does water.

    I have almost al the gear for any set that I would need... and the money to get anything I'm missing. I just rarely ever partied with a COR in woodlands and I'm not sure if they DD or if they just buff/pull and QD until they die of exhaustion.

    OMGWTFBBQ... I'm mainly lookin at you for answers on this one... but any input is welcome! lol

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