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Rise of the Zilart... solo?!

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  • Rise of the Zilart... solo?!

    So, with my secondary alt finally having gotten to decent levels on beastmaster and sporting a couple decent magian axes, I decided to go after something that's been on my mind for a while since the cap increases and my working more on BST: attempting RotZ solo.

    First off, the early parts are, as should surprise no one, fairly uneventful. At level 90, I was able to solo my way to sky access with Naz and no real special effort. I did have pet foods and did use Reward, but usually only once per fight and I could probably have managed without. The Den of Rancor part was a little tedious, but not difficult; the couple of times I got aggro Naz dealt with it easily.

    Once at sky, of course, the difficulty ramps up a notch as we get to what really drew me to this challenge in the first place: Ark Angels.

    There isn't a huge amount of information about the actual Ark Angels mission that relates at all to a modern context; pretty much no one does it anymore, since they can do Divine Might and actually get a gear reward. But I've already done Divine Might twice now, and I want to see how the original fights, balanced for a full party, play solo now that we have the levels to make such feasible.

    So, yesterday I made my first dry run attempt, going after Ark Angel GK. Despite being relatively underprepared I didn't actually do all that poorly; it was a close fight, one I think I could win in the same way with either a few more levels or a tougher pet. But it was close enough that a better strategy might make all the difference as well, so I am planning to try again with BST90 and Naz.

    Quick rundown on my setup:
    Character: Nya Mohrreh, Rank 6 Windurstian Mithra
    Job: BST90/DNC45
    Main weapon: Guichard's Axe +2 (VIT+9 Pet: Phys. dmg. taken -10%)
    Sub weapon: Guichard's Axe +2 (VIT+9 Pet: Phys. dmg. taken -10%)
    Ammo: Dancing Herbal Broth / Pet Food Eta
    Head: Perle salade
    Neck: PCC
    Ear: Spike earring x2
    Body: AF1
    Hands: Perle moufles
    Rings: Rajas ring, Woodsman ring
    Back: Amemet mantle +1
    Belt: Quick belt
    Legs: Herder's subligar
    Feet: AF1

    Notably lackluster stuff, but this is a secondary alt (i.e. she has what I'm sparing from off my main and primary alt) and we're not at a stage where stellar gear is really called for yet.

    Basic approach: I went in with a Familiar'd Naz, sent her ahead, and came in after a bit. When Naz had TP I used Sheep Song to put the Wyvern out for a bit. I used Reward a couple times during the fight, but GK does a lot of damage to Naz and even with Familiar, Reward doesn't really keep up too well. Naz ended up going down a couple seconds before Call Beast was up, and GK made very short work of me before I could pull off Call Beast and Snarl.

    Reflections: I think this fight is probably winnable with some very minor changes in approach. First, expecting Naz to survive the whole fight, even with Familiar, isn't really reasonable. In a future attempt, waiting out the recast on Call Beast before engaging is a must. Second, I've thus far been able to get by without a lot of prepared macros, but for resummoning in this fight, it's going to be a must for both Call Beast and Snarl to be macro'd; I need the mobs off of me *fast*.

    I haven't actually messed with the likes of fraps yet, but I'm thinking about possibly getting that going and attempting to record my serious attempts.

    (Side note: since the wiki doesn't quite come out and say it, I'll note that you can in fact start the teleportation to tu'lia mini-quest before technically having sky access; I detoured to Tavnazia to grab the title on my way back from Rabao on ZM13. The previous title is granted upon first examining the gate in Hall of the Gods I believe, so you're clear to change title from there.)

    Edit: whoops, I think I meant to move this to the Missions forum, this isn't exactly a Q&A post...
    Kumei, pickpocket of Midgardsormr(Bastok Rank 10)
    Alchemy 72, Smithing 51, Goldsmithing 48, Leathercraft 23, Fishing 20
    Koren, San d'Orian Adv.(Rank 10)
    Woodworking 29,Cooking 20
    All celestials(Trial-Size), Fenrir, Diabolos, Alexander, Odin
    Myrna, Windurstian Merchant
    Clothcraft 24
    Nyamohrreh, Windurstian Adv.(Rank 6)

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    Re: Rise of the Zilart... solo?!

    If you pull hate, go into first-person mode, unlock, and run backwards in a large circle. You'll run full speed despite facing him. It'll keep you out of reach of his normal WS (and Meikyo Shisui.) The only other thing I can contribute is that I believe their unique WS is on a timer and doesn't require TP.


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      Re: Rise of the Zilart... solo?!

      I remember Elmer the Pointy soloing each of the 5 AA as a 75 PUP before WotG came out. Now granted BST doesn't have a pet that can use magic, but even so I would imagine the newer jugs should just utterly rofl stomp everything except maybe HM and EV because of Mijin Gakure (might frag your pet, idk) and Invincible/Benediction (just turns it into more of an endurance battle). The other 3 should be a breeze, especially TA since he has like no HP in comparison to the others.



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        Re: Rise of the Zilart... solo?!

        You're a BST, trust me the post 75 Jug Pets will laugh at most of the boss fights.
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          Re: Rise of the Zilart... solo?!

          I’ve heard rumors of well geared/skilled bsts soloing Diving might.
          At 99 I can’t imagine you having much trouble with any of the AAs.

          As you mentioned, the gear is lackluster. But there are a lot of cheap things you can get for higher reward numbers.
          That head piece that lowers reward timer (-10 seconds, it’s a big help)
          Mind rings
          Kirin’s osode (pretty cheap these days)
          Ogre Gloves
          Zooral Ja’s Axe
          Pallas Shield (easily soloable)

          Also, might be better off using Dippy for some fights. Not the strongest, but some very nice evasion.

          Don’t underestimate Run Wild. If you know your pet won’t last 5 minutes, it can be a huge help.

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          ***Thank you xxFunWithJugsxx for all the help/support***