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Advanced Jobs - Easy ones, Hard ones, ARGH ones...

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    Re: Advanced Jobs - Easy ones, Hard ones, ARGH ones...

    COR, PUP and BLU I all did on a level 1 Job(obviously I opened the quests on a 30+ job). It was before I had any mage jobs levels so I didn't have sneak or Invis but I bought oils and pots, if you have a mage job then do it on that. You just need to navigate well through ToAU areas and be careful of Imps and Chigoe when recasting.

    SAM isn't too bad, probably need help with the NMs if you're not high enough.

    DRG and NIN you can't solo at 30, and tips for NIN, kill all the leeches in area before you spawn NM leeces.

    PLD you just have to avoid aggro.

    DRK was annoying but easy. Once you get the quest I suggest getting 99 arrows/bolts/etc and go to Ronfaure/Saruta/Gusta and kill there, use arrows to kill + keep track of how many kills at the same time.

    DNC + SCH are easy too, just avoid aggro. Use pots and oils where need be etc etc

    RNG BRD SMN BST : ALL EASY. SMN can be annoying if you don't get the drop fast but a bit of running around never hurt anyone. As for BST you can run out on a level 1 job with sneak up, hit flowers, get CS + then get killed by kraken afterwards if it is up.


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      Re: Advanced Jobs - Easy ones, Hard ones, ARGH ones...

      I have to say just about every aspect of being a SMN tests your patients. from trying to get that dam ruby to running around for the weathers to the money and time spent on learning and perfecting the lvl 20 smn avatar fights, to light and dark pacts, feninr on crack and diablose on heroien. And the AF's... I have a love hate relation ship with that job and imo the hardest.


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        Re: Advanced Jobs - Easy ones, Hard ones, ARGH ones...

        SMN's a pain because getting the ruby + finding weather is all pretty random.

        DNC is a pain if you're low level and don't know anyone who can escort you safely to Jugner Forest [S].

        BST is laughable, I don't even know why it's mentioned. Silent Oil and Prism Powder work fine all the way through Qufim Island, and the Kraken won't see you if you're Sneak is on (besides which he's only mid-30s.. any halfway high level player can kill him without even breaking a sweat, and any moderate level Beastmaster can Charm him).

        PUP and COR are sort of annoying because you have to pass some Imps on your way through Caedarva Mire (and then sneak your way halfway across Arrapago Reef).

        DRK's requirement to unlock the Chaosbringer (and then the optional Deathbringer side quest) is quite annoying. Not difficult, just annoying.

        Other than that, rest of the extra jobs are pretty straightforward and easy.



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          Re: Advanced Jobs - Easy ones, Hard ones, ARGH ones...

          Easy Ones:

          BST: Probably the easiest: Go to Qufim, run to the flowers, sneak if Kraken is up and go back.

          BRD: Probably the second easiest. It just involves lots of walking for the song rune quests beforehand.

          RNG: Watch a tiger die. The only trouble you will have from this are either the tigers outside the cave or invis fading if the NM tiger gets too close.

          PLD: Run around Davoi for a bit really. Not much else to it other that dodging orcs that aggro 65+

          DNC: Getting to the lake in Jugner Forest [S] is a pain but it's easy to do at Lv30.

          SCH: Expensive for a Lv30 but it's nothing more than handing over some parchment then 2houring on a mage class (Benediction doesn't count for some reason so you can't end the quest as aWHM)

          Hard Ones

          BLU: While it isn't hard per se it is fairly lengthy and finding the correct item is very hard without a guide since the quest NPC is very vague about it.

          DRG: Not that hard but definitely not soloable at Lv30. There are lots of mobs that can also destroy a Lv30 with ease in the areas that you have to travel in so be careful.

          NIN: Not soloable at Lv30. You have to take on 3 mid level leeches at the same time so it's not soloable until you reach higher levels. Then getting to Norg is also a challenge in itself for a Lv30. I can't name a single person I know who did this quest who didn't die at least once in the Sea Serpant Grotto.

          SAM: This is time consuming and high impossible to solo at Lv30

          ARGH Ones

          SMN: In theory this quest is simple. Get a Carbuncle's Ruby then get some weather effects. In pratice it is a long and difficult process that will have you crying. The Ruby has a drop rate of less than 10% and the mobs with the highest drop rate are always heavily camped for either tis quest or the Bird Blood they drop. This took me about two months. Then you have to get the weather effects. This sounds easy but considering that weather is random and can last anything from several hours to several minutes you may find yourself missing a weather effect the weather NPC told you was coming. This process took me a full month because I could NOT get fire weather to appear. This sounds like an easy job to get but the fact that it is purely luck based makes it one that makes you scream.

          DRK: Kill 100 mobs with a 1 Damage, 666 delay greatsword. You'd probably have your relic weapon before you finish this.

          PUP and COR: Travel through an ares full of true sight mobs that will one shot a Lv30 without even noticing that they are there? These quests alone is probably why there are so few PUPs and CORs. Not even Lv75s will willingly go on the routes you need to go on to do these quests.
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