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  • Ideal Party Setup

    Based on personal preference, what is your ideal party for expierience battles? You can include job, race, equpment, etc. I know that based on some mobs you might want different parties everytime but I am just looking for a basic favorite.
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    Re: Ideal Party Setup

    It all depends on the level.

    Personally I like Bard BLM BLM NIN random DD that can SC with THF >.>
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      Re: Ideal Party Setup

      I had a DRK WAR THF PLD BLM RDM PT in sky... needless to say we had a lot of damage going in.

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        Re: Ideal Party Setup

        Well the best PT that I was in that I could remember was...
        SAM/WAR (me)


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          Re: Ideal Party Setup

          It absolutely depends on the level you are at, the mobs you are fighting, and the competence of your pt members. There is no absolute standard. The usual setup has a tank, healer, debuffer/backup healer, and 3 damage dealers (nuker, melee, etc).
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            Re: Ideal Party Setup

            i have no specified party setup. you have so many jobs you can combine with good SC, some work better, some not.

            but in fakt, i enjoy party when all play, understand jokes and don`t went afk every 5 minutes ^^

            there is no best only.. if you say, best pt against bones, then there is maybe..
            for a good average like GrandMom said, 2-3mage(brd), tank, DD



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              Re: Ideal Party Setup

              I don't know about the best out there (define best? best at doing what? do we get to choose the situation?), but a favorite of mine is RNG RNG RNG NIN RDM BLM, but that was before the RNG nerf and on Flies in the Tree. The mob died before it could get through RNG and NIN Utsus nearly every time. Lots of traded hate makes it more interesting though :D
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                Re: Ideal Party Setup

                I believe the best parties are just made by experienced players, as long as you have dd healer tank and puller you are basically in there.
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                  Re: Ideal Party Setup

                  Originally posted by frege
                  I believe the best parties are just made by experienced players, as long as you have dd healer tank and puller you are basically in there.
                  Doesn't even have to be that. Good players just know how to get the job done, period. Manaburn parties (BLM BLM BLM BLM <other mage> <BRD or RDM>) are extremely effective, and don't fall into the "typical" party, for example.



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                    Re: Ideal Party Setup

                    At 66+ the absolute BEST setup is:


                    Wheeling Thrust 400 >> Spinning Slash 700-1000 >> Light 700-1000 >> Flare x2 1000+
                    Rip through any mob in seconds. I had a awesome party with this 4/5 times, the 5th time it was decent. All depends on the gear/performance of the members. My party did big numbers like: "Wheeling Thrust 500 >> Spinning Slash 1,100 >> Light 1,100 >> Flare 1,700 (Firesday . I used to be a DRG hater, but now I don't party without them :"
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                      Re: Ideal Party Setup

                      nin rng rng sam thf brd, this was at 33-37, we ran out of mobs in garlaige, doing 6k/hr or there abouts, got even better when the other rng was using a serpentine gun


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                        Re: Ideal Party Setup

                        ive had good luck with nin sam thf blm blm whm. A rdm might be better than the whm, but there was no rdm seeking each of the times i tried to put this setup together, so i used a whm.

                        ive used this pt several times, almost always successfully. the only time it wasnt successful was with a sam who couldnt skill chain properly

                        sam vokes first, then (tachi enpi) >> sata (viper bite) off the tank at the start of the fight.

                        next fight, sam vokes first for a no skillchain sata, then start the fight with (tachi enpi) >> (blade retsu) then ninja provokes

                        both these skill chains make distortion, which the blm's double magic burst. Taking over half the mob's life off right at the start of the fight in one skill chain is a sweet thing to see^^ and when chaining toughs, watching this pt setup is funny. the mob almost dies from the magic burst alone...

                        you can have some problems holding hate from the double burst on the retsu sc, but as long as the thf sata's properly, the mob will stay on the tank. i havent ever had any deaths to losing hate in this setup yet.

                        pretty reliable chain 4 or 5 for most levels of the game.

                        it works with a war/nin as a tank too, but not as well in my experience. the sams ive pt'd with seem to have trouble getting a good skillchin going with them, and usually just tell them to solo their weoponskills.

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                          Re: Ideal Party Setup

                          Nin/sam/sam/blm/brd/whm Ftw


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                            Re: Ideal Party Setup

                            what he said ^^ lol

                            except its rare to find 2 sams and a brd seeking...

                            of course, you could go sam sam blm blm blm brd lol

                            i was trying to suggest something more practical, that i use regularly. its easy to find a sam, a thf and a couple blm' seeking most of the time, especially for me cuz i play as the thf
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                            Plotting World Domination and doing silly emotes on a server probably not near you!
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                              Re: Ideal Party Setup

                              I love the JPN parties of NIN, THF, SAM. They usually grab 2 BLMs and a RDM. Sitting in that RDM seat RAWKS! 3 Refreshs, 2 Hastes, maybe 3, and MB. Those NINs do just about all the Enfeebles, so I toss in Dia II and Gravity, and watch the mobs HP just disappear! Those parties are so effecient it's crazy.

                              But I've had 3 parties recently with a DRK and WAR. Vorpal Scythe/Power Slash >> Rampage >> Distortion has dropped a mob's health from 80% to about 10%! That Skillchain has been RAWK'n it out lately! Poor tank has to be damn good to keep hate off the WAR then. Chaser, JPN PLD on Lakshmi kept hate from that 100%! Mob never flinched!
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