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After 6 years...

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  • After 6 years...

    I have returned.

    Yeah, epic story. But anyways; I played when I was 14 because I bought the game for PS2 for Christmas. I only played for about three months. Now with the upcoming XIV I decided I would like to play again. From what I recall it was a great game.

    I want to see if anyone would be interested in re-rolling with me. Considering that I am starting new I would really like someone to run with. And the last time I saw the game played, I noticed that the starting area that my friend in was rather empty. (Very depressing.)

    Anyone? Interested in trying something new?

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    Re: After 6 years...

    I just reinstalled and am rerolling too, played from NA Beta to CoP.
    You should hit me up on AIM; Twix Melts.


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      Re: After 6 years...

      hi I'm still in the game but if you're on my server I wouldn't mind helping ^^
      Shadowneko's FFXI Newbie Guide 2009
      (have fun MMO players ^^)
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        Re: After 6 years...

        Im returning, just installing now. Im on Hades server but i wont be rerolling. I think im like level 20-30 or something like that. So hit me up if you join Hades server.
        Name: Alkisti
        Server: Cerberus
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