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playonline mail?

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  • playonline mail?

    Hi all I was wondering if I could use the mail system without reactivating my ID. I was able to login and all that and read my unread messages from about a year ago, and was able to send a message and it appeared under the sent messages. So I'm assuming it was sent to that person without me having to reactivate...? I havent reactivated yet because I want to see if my friends that played still play before I do. Thanks for the help

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    Re: playonline mail?

    Yes, POL can be used without reactivating a Content ID. You should be able to still use the chat rooms too so you could set up a day and time to meet up with some FFXI friends.
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      Re: playonline mail?

      Set up Thunderbird like this and you can check your email without POL installed at all. Just need to know your email login and password. (Adoulin install on NA PS2)
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        Re: playonline mail?

        I seem to recall that your email password can be different from your POL login password. It's probably a really good idea to do that.
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          Re: playonline mail?

          Originally posted by Elwynn View Post
          I seem to recall that your email password can be different from your POL login password. It's probably a really good idea to do that.
          Yes you can. And you should do so. It would be really good.