I urge everyone of you to be as creative as you can, but try to keep your questions relatively realistic. Also, don't deviate from the point with extensive discussion.

And please, if you approve of someone's questions and ideas, you wont be target of spam accusation if you simply post "i agree" in the question thread, this helps SE realize that their community is aware and wants changes. But you might want to ellaborate and perhaps add to the question without deviating from the point, other that please keep discussion to a minimum, im sure you all understand how much your question will stand out if you keep it simple, clean, and concise.

Another point is, don't attack SE with undesirable comments, you can do that somewhere else, please don't do it here, keep insultuous posts out of this section for the FFXI communities sake and for FFXIOnline's sake.

This way SE will surely note our questions and who knows, maybe your's will get answered.